Top Tech Toys For 2016

Top Tech Toys 2016

Moms and Dads, I know, your child is a genius. The thing is, even a young budding genius needs to keep their noggin stimulated to reach their full potential.

What’s that? Do I hear some honest parents maybe whispering that their incredible children might not be exactly genius material…yet? Fear not, there are some awesome teaching toys that will get your child’s brain operating at hyperdrive speed.

In either case, for the geniuses who need to be stimulated or the geniuses of tomorrow – we got you all covered! Today we go over some of our favorite teaching tech toys from 2016.

Cubetto Robot – Learn to Code Before You Learn to Read

Get your kids off to a very fast start with Cubetto from Primo Toys ($225). This friendly and screen-less and keyboard-less robot kit teaches kids as young as three how to code, in a very friendly manner. Hmm, why even learn to read if you can code!

COJI Robot From WowWee – Code With Emojis

Want more proof you don’t need to read to code? How about coding with emojis? Thanks to COJI by WowWee ($39), the strange idea of coding with smiley faces works surprising well.

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