AirSense Smart Air Monitor and Purifier Review – Is The Air In Your House Killing You?

Air Sense

Hey Moms and Dads – don’t kill the messenger.  I know, the last thing parents need is another thing to worry about.  Yet, here I am, with a very scary stat…

The EPA list indoor air pollution as a top 5 environmental risk to public health.

Not freaked yet?  How about this one…

The World Health Organization (WHO), found that over 4 million people die prematurely from illness attributable to household air pollution.

Have your attention now? Don’t worry, I am not all doom and gloom, we just reviewed the AirSense form iBaby Labs.  This tiny smart device claims to detect and clean harmful pollutants that are all around us.  In fact the AirSense is the world’s smallest air monitor and ionic purifier.

Please watch our video review of the AirSense by iBaby Labs -

AirSense Is Tiny, But Packed With Functionality

The video really shows you all the different things the AirSense can do.  From detection of air pollutants to blasting said pollutants with negative ions – the AirSense is an elegant solution to less than perfect air conditions.

Here are the key features of the Air Sense:

  • Detects toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and removes them from the air
  • Detects changes in temperature and humidity
  • Sends alerts when air quality changes
  • Acts as two-way speaker and monitor
  • Light provides visual cue to changes in VOCs
  • Silent operation
  • Elogant design

As we show in the video, the AirSense performs a number of functions.  Of course cleaning the air in your home is its primary function.  While VOCs are clearly a health concern, AirSense is also built to look for temperature, humidity and sound changes, that may also hint at other potential household issues such as mold. Once it detects any of these elements, AirSense will glow up in your preferred color setting (red, orange, yellow or green) and send smart alerts to your respective iOS or Android device. Health improvement tips are also found via the iBaby care app.

We all have plenty of gadgets lying around the house.  Most are so stressful to operate that they can take years off your life.  The AirSense is the rare gadget that might put years back on your life!

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Watch our full video review of the AirSense

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