nabi SE Tablet Review, A Fun, Sturdy and Kid Friendly Android Tablet

nabi se

Kids love tablets.  Nope, not talking about giant stone tablets with the 10 Commandments, I am talking about any digital tablet that has lights, sounds and motions which just draw in kids of all ages.

The thing is, handing your 6 year old your $500 tablet is fraught with potential problems.  They could drop and break your tablet or maybe even worse, they can start surfing the unfiltered web and who knows what they will find?

This is exactly why the $79 nabi SE tablet from Mattel exists.  It is inexpensive, durable and filled with parental controls to keep your child’s tablet time educational and free of inappropriate web pages.

Please watch our video review of the nabi SE Tablet from Mattel -

The nabi SE Makes Screen Time, Educational Time

As we show in our video review,  the Wings Learning System that comes with the nabi does a great job of educating the kids, while keeping them entertained.  As a parent, I love the ability to see reports and check on the progress my kids are making.

Speaking of reports…there is a whole reward system built into the tablet.  If the kids make good decisions and do their chores, they can be rewarded with points (which can be used to buy more apps).

Here are the key features:

· Blue Morpho OS – The nabi SE is equipped with Blue Morpho OS, optimized to offer a robust line-up of more than 400 kids entertainment, play, creativity and learning geared digital experiences.

· Wings® Learning System – One of the most advanced tablet-based supplemental learning solutions in the market for kids pre-K to 5thgrade, available exclusively on nabi tablets.

· Dream Pro Studio™ Creativity Suite – A full suite of creativity tools for kids featuring movie making, storybook creating and drawing tools.

· nabi Time Controls™ – A comprehensive suite of time controls that allows parents to manage and monitor screen time.

If you want to read more about our time with the nabi SE tablet, please read our nabi SE tablet review in the Huffington Post.

Overall, if you have young and curious kids, the nabi SE is an inexpensive way to introduce them to tablets and help them learn at their own pace.

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Watch our full video review on the nabi SE.

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