Cubetto Robot Review, Can Kids Really Learn To Code Before They Learn to Read?

Cubetto Robot


Being a parent can be hard.  We try to do the right things for our kids, but we often get conflicting messages.

Recently, educators have been talking about the need to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) from a very early age.  Perfect, I can get my child in front of the computer and teach her some coding.

Not so fast…

Other educators have studied the impact of excessive screen time for young kids and let’s just say plopping them in front of a screen to learn coding might not be the best idea.

What is a parent to do with this conflicting information?  One possible answer – Cubetto from Primo Toys.  Cubetto is the only screen-less programming system for kids as young as 3 years old.  In fact, to program and code with Cubetto, kids don’t even need to know how to read.

Curious?  So were we.  Please watch our full hands-on video review of the Cubetto Wooden Robot…

Cubetto Is So Simple and Yet So Powerful

At first glance, it wouldn’t seem possible that a constantly smiling wooden robot could really teach programming.  In truth, the concepts that Cubetto covers are pretty amazing – logic, reasoning, algorithms, sequential order, debugging, recursions and functions.

We love the fact that kids can immediately test their program and get instant feedback.  No screens, no keyboards – just the fast twirling mind of a kid and a simple wooden robot, some blocks, a control board and a map.

Cubetto Makes Programming and Coding Real

Writing lines of code in a computer and then having the computer perform digital actions…well, just doesn’t feel very real.  It is all 1’s and 0’s and really hard for tactile kids to understand.  Cubetto makes coding real, on every level.  The blocks are real, the control board is real, Cubetto is real, the map is real…you get the idea.   Kids very quickly learn that the concepts of coding and programming can apply to real, physical things.  It is no wonder that Cubetto is Montessori-approved and has already received a number of awards.

If you have young kids who you want to introduce to coding and programing, without increasing screen time, the Cubetto Robot is an excellent option.

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