The Full Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Recap For People Who Hate To Read

Dan at CES 2011

Dan at CES 2011

We believe in representing all the Dads and Moms – not just the literate ones or the ones that like to read.  Sure, we have written about 5,000 words on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) so far (click here for full CES coverage), but what about our audience who really can’t be bothered with reading?   Fear not, Dad Does has you covered…

Dad Does Presents The Most Random and Incomplete CES Coverage Video

CES was big, very big.  Just look at the photo above, that is me standing next to a pocket camera! With over 1.6 million square feet of show space, how can you accurately capture the whole flavor of the show in a 4 and 1/2 minute video?  You obviously can’t, but that didn’t stop us from trying…

Want Even More Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Coverage?

You want more, we got more… the only catch is you need to read.  The good news is the articles are sprinkled with videos and pretty pictures!

The Dad Does “Because We Say So” Awards for CES

In this article we give out key awards such as “Gadget Most Likely to Ruin Your Marriage” and “Least Useless 3D Device”.

The Coolest Toys for Kids From CES

In this article we focus on the fun toys for kids we found at CES.  If you like creepy animals that talk and burp, you will love this article.

Top 5 Gadgets That Promise to Decrease the Chaos in a Parent’s Life

We are Dads and Moms and we are basically just trying to hold on for dear life when it comes to managing the chaos of our family, work and life!  In this article we name 5 gadgets from CES that promise to make your life a little less stressful.

Top 10 New Slogans to Really Grow CES

Come on – only 150,000 people at the show – what a disaster!  If CES really wants to draw the crowds for next year, they need new marketing slogans and we just gave them 10 killer ones!

Full Product Reviews of Gadgets On the Way

As our regular readers know, we are all about doing hands-on, real world reviews of products that may make a Dad or Mom’s  life easier or better.   In this sense, CES was a giant tease for us.  We saw a number of great looking gadgets, but without the opportunity to do a full hands on review, we really can’t recommend any of the gadgets.

The good news is we have spoken to a number of the companies at CES and we will be doing full hands-on reviews in the coming weeks! So, keep an eye out for our full product reviews and don’t worry, for those of you who still don’t like to read – we will have plenty of videos!

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