Dads Rejoice – The Hot Toys This Year Are Coming and They’re Cheap!

Dads - Toys Will Be cheaper this year

Dads - Toys Will Be cheaper this year

As pointed out in the seriously flawed and bizarre What Do Dads Really Do Poll – we like to fix toys and change batteries.  So, the holidays are really our time of year.  Sure, there is being together with family, religion and all that stuff – but putting together toys for the kids, that is where a Dad’s real worth comes out.

Then There is The Ugly Side to Toys

As we sit with our screwdrivers ready, batteries in hand – there is one problem that always seems to come up – “What, they want $100 for that piece of crap Dinosaur?”  Yes,  the toys, that most of our kids will only play with for about 2 days before ditching them, are expensive!

I Think I Just Found the Silver Lining in the Recession

We may all be out of a job and are 401ks couldn’t buy you a beer at a ballgame, but guess what? The hot toys are under $70 this year.  In fact, many are under $30.

Time to Play Magazine has released their Most Wanted Listed of Hot Toys and of the 16 toys on the list, 11 of them are under $30. In fact, the most expensive toy on the list is only $69.99.

I knew all those people complaining about the recession were just seeing the glass half empty…

Via Time to Play – Most Wanted Listed of Hot Toys

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