Review: Parrot Mambo and Parrot Swing Drones, Finally, Frustration Free Flying

Parrot Minidrones

In concept, people love the idea of toy drones.  In practice….not so much.

Most sub $150 drones look great in the ads, but when you try to fly them, they are very hard to pilot and take constant trimming and adjustments to keep them stable.  If you do get your drone up in the air…then what?  Sure, you fly it around for a bit, but then where is the play value?

We have just reviewed two minidrones from Parrot – The Parrot Mambo ($99) and Parrot Swing ($119) – which look to pump up the fun factor and remove the frustration of flying.

Please watch our full video review of the Parrot Mambo and Parrot Swing -

The Parrot Mambo + Cannon + Grabber = New Levels of Fun

Parrot Mambo

If the Parrot Mambo did NOT come with a 6 shot Cannon and Grabber, it would still be an impressive drone.  It is incredibly stable and easy to fly.  Auto takeoff and land, altitude hold, flips and stunts at the push of a button…all very impressive for a $99 drone.

Now combine all that with the included cannon and grabber and you take drone flying to a whole new play level.  Suddenly you can go on a mission to take out a target or pickup some marshmallows and transport them to the nearest cup of hot chocolate!  In our testing, the cannon and grabber really opened up a whole new level of play – instead of just thinking about flying and landing, we were making up missions and games.

Here are the key features of the Parrot Mambo:

  • High Performance Sensors For Stability
  • Easily Do Flips and Stunts With the Push of a Button
  • Remotely Fired Cannon With 6 Shot Capacity (1 Shot every 1.5 seconds)
  • Remotely Triggered Grabber That Can Carry Up To 4 gram objects
  • Ability to Toss To Takeoff
  • Pilot with Free iOS or Android App
  • Fly With Optional Parrot Flypad
  • 65 Foot range with Smartphone, 200 Foot range with Flypad
  • 1 Year Support and Assistance Warranty

The Parrot Swing Is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Flown

Parrot Swing

We have flown drones.  We have flown quadcopters.  We have flown planes.  What we had not flown was an aircraft that was part quadcopter, part drone, part airplane and all fun!

The Parrot Swing gives you the simplicity and precision control of a quadcopter.  Take off vertically and hold altitude – like an expensive drone.  The real fun starts when you click a button on the Parrot Flypad controller and the X Wing designed Swing turns on its side and takes off in plane mode.  When we say take off…we mean it.  The Parrot Swing can reach 18 MPH.

Here are the key features of the Parrot Swing:


  • High Performance Sensors For Stability
  • Unique X Wing Design
  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing
  • Remotely Change from Plane Mode to Quadcopter Mode
  • Fly Up to 18 MPH
  • Pilot with Free iOS or Android App
  • Precision Flight Control With The Included Parrot Flypad
  • 65 Foot range with Smartphone, 200 Foot range with Flypad
  • 1 Year Support and Assistance Warranty

If You Like Fun and Flying, Put The Parrot Minidrones on Your Holiday Gift List

The Parrot Mambo at $99 is a fantastic gift for kids and adults.  It is easy to fly and the cannon and grabber take the gameplay of drones to a whole new level.

The Parrot Swing at $119 (including the Parrot Flightpad) is great for people who love the idea of flying a high speed RC plane, but maybe don’t have the piloting skills to do so without ramming into a tree.  There is something so satisfying about seeing a tree coming up fast, clicking one button on the Flypad and watching the Swing transform to quadcopter mode and sit still in the air.

We really can’t believe how much technology and fun Parrot has squeezed into their full minidrone line.  With the holidays here, check out the full line of sub $150 Parrot minidrones and make it a fun and frustration free drone filled holiday.

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