Mevo Live Event Camera Review, Yes Parents, You Need This

mevo camera

There is good news and bad news when it comes to Facebook Live.

First the good news – parents can now stream all the concerts, plays and events that their kids are in.

Now the bad news – parents can now stream all the concerts, plays and events that their kids are in.

I know you think your kids are adorable, just like I think my kids are adorable…but if we all want the rest of our Facebook friends to watch, we need to bring our production quality up a level.

Enter the Mevo Live Event Camera from Livestream.   A super tiny camera that can livestream in HD and simulate 6 different camera angles.  I know, it is hard to understand, which is exactly why we made a video…

Please watch our full video review of the Mevo Live Event Camera -

No Bulky Equipment, Just a Mevo and an iPhone

We are amazed that a camera so small can do so much.  The ability to pan, zoom and cut between 6 camera angles – all live, while live streaming, is pretty incredible.

Here are the key features on the Mevo Camera ($399) –

  • Live editing on the fly between 6 virtual HD cameras using an easy to use iPhone app, with simple features that include: tap to cut, pinch to zoom, and drag to pan.
  • Automated editing mode with smart people recognition and movement tracking.
  • Minimum input/maximum output: 4K Sony sensor captures high quality video, built in microphone array and DSP provides excellent audio quality.
  • Stream live in HD with quality and ease – broadcast your event live on the web and mobile via Facebook Live or the Livestream Platform (optional subscription).
  • Store now, share later – includes 16GB SanDisk Micro SD card to record and store your video, plus built in features that make it easy to share your video immediately on websites, social networks or via email.
  • Cloud connected, WiFi enabled to ensure high quality Internet connectivity.
  • Sensor Resolution: 12.4 Megapixels
  • Capture Resolution: 4K – 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Camera Lens Type: All-glass, f2.8. Focal length 3mm

No More Excuses For Boring Videos

Next you time you want to record or livestream your event, please use a Mevo.  The excuse of “it is too hard to lug around all that equipment” just went out the window.

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