Coder MiP Review, MiP Is Back, Transparent and Ready To Learn!

Coder MiP

We reviewed the MiP Robot from WowWee two years ago and it was one of our favorite robot toys.  MiP balances on two wheels, plays games and can make all types of strange noises…what was not to love?

Well, WowWee has just upped the MiP ante by releasing Coder MiP.  Now MiP is translucent and fully programmable via an object oriented language (much like Scratch).

Please watch our full video review of Coder MiP from WowWee…

Who Says Programming Has To Be Hard?

I am old enough to remember when programming and coding involved script based languages, compiling, testing and non-stop debugging. Luckily, things have changed for the better.

Programming with MiP involves easy to understand, color coded, object oriented commands.  Simply drag and drop on an iOS or Android device and then watch MiP follow your commands instantly.  No compiling, no connecting up to a computer – simply code on your smart phone or tablet and seconds later watch Coder MiP carry out your commands.

Don’t Feel Like Coding? Just Have Fun With Coder MiP

Coder MiP has all the fun gameplay as the original MiP robot.  If the kids are burnt out from programming, they can use the MiP app to drive MiP around and play games.  While Coder MiP is a great way to teach coding to the kids, it is still a toy and can be played with without having to program anything.

In short, Coder MiP will teach the kids basic programming skills and show that even smart programmable robots need to take a break, have fun, explore and play games!

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Coder MiP From WowWee ($99)

Watch our Video Review of Coder MiP


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