Zoomer Chimp Review, A Pet Chimp…Who Will Not Maul You

Zoomer Chimp

I know, a pet chimp who will not maul or rip your face off is mighty appealing.  Maybe that is enough for you.  You know Zoomer Chimp will not kill you, we’ve done our job, end of review…

No, not end of review.  You are a Dad Does reader, you demand more from your robotic pet chimp than just not being mauled.  You demand that your chimp do tricks, respond to your voice, be playful and maybe most importantly, burp and fart.  Stay classy Zoomer Chimp.

Your dreams of owning a chimp have finally come true, please watch our video review of Zoomer Chimp from Spin Master –

Zoomer Chimp Is Filled With Personality

Just like a real Chimpanzee, Zoomer is filled with personality and a very playful nature.  Here are some of the key features of this robotic pet –


  • Your new favorite primate listens to voice commands and knows over 200 sounds, including “Do a flip” and “Go bananas!”
  • Zoomer Chimp performs over 100 awesome tricks!
  • He’s full of personality — this interactive Chimp changes his eye color, moves his face, and has real lifelike movements.
  • Zoomer Chimp is for ages 5+ and requires 1 LiPo battery (included).
  • Includes 1 Zoomer Chimp, 1 Charging Cable (wall adapter not included), 1 Instruction Booklet, 1 Reference Guide
  • Most Importantly, Zoomer Chimp Farts and Burps

No App, Just Goofy Fun

You do not need an app to control Zoomer Chimp and we think that is a good thing.  You just talk and touch Zoomer to play with your Chimp, and isn’t that the way it should be with a robotic Chimp?

We have been fans of the Zoomer line for a while and really think the Zoomer Chimp is an awesome addition to the family.  I particularly like the fact that Zoomer Chimp has wheels for paws…so if it did go nuts and try to maul me, it would just give me a nice roller massage.

More Information:

Zoomer Chimp Sells for About $95 on Amazon

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