CogniToys Dino Review, If Real Dinosaurs Were This Smart, They Wouldn’t Be Extinct

CogniToys Dino

If I could travel back in time and ask a Dinosaur –

How Far Is The Sun?

I would probably just get a blank stare…and then be viciously eaten.

On the other hand, if I push the belly of the CogniToys Dino and ask it the same question, I get a very precise answer and as a bonus no mauling or eating takes place.

Please watch our full video review of the CogniToys Dino and all will become clear…

Just When You Think You Have Seen It All With Toy Dinosaurs…

I know, it seems like every dinosaur toy that could be dreamed of, had already been invented.  The thing is, CogniToys Dino takes things to a new level.  It is a cloud connected toy that is powered by IBM Watson and Elemental Path’s Friendgine technology, allowing them to deliver the kind of personalized play experience you have never really experienced from a toy before.

The video just touched on what CogniToys Dino can do.  The Dino can sing, tell stories, play games, answer questions, tell jokes, ask questions…hmm, sounds like everything I do, except I don’t sing.

Don’t like Green Dinosaurs?  No problem – CogniToys makes a Blue and Pink Dino as well.

The real key to the success with CogniToys Dino is that your kids can have a conversation with it and not have to memorize key phrases.  Simply press the belly and talk to Dino.  Certainly Dino does not understand everything, but with the IBM Watson technology, it does a very good job of understanding questions and phrases.

Yes, CogniToys Dino Offers Age Appropriate Responses

As a parent, my concern with any internet connected device is what type of information will my kids be able to access.  CogniToys Dino does a great job of giving age appropriate content based on the age of your child.  A 4 year old will get a different response to the “Where do babies come from?” question than a 10 year old.  How does the Dino know your age?  You enter it in the app when first setting up the Dino.

Another cool feature, as your child plays with CogniToys Dino and grows – the conversation and games will change and adapt to your child’s interest and age.

Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room – Privacy

I’m with you – when I first head about a Dino that is cloud connected and listening to our children I thought – creepy!

In truth, Dino is only listening when you press her belly.  While this doesn’t make it as simple to use as something like the Amazon Echo, it does make it much more secure and private.  I really don’t need a toy listening to my rants about the high cost of spices and sending that out to some secret government agency.  Seriously, each parent will have to make their own call on this, but I feel the fact that Dino is not always listening is a necessary feature in a toy for children.

CogniToys Dino Is Fun and It Should Get Better

At points you are playing games with CogniToys Dino and it feels pretty magical.  At other points the delay to response is too long or Dino just doesn’t understand what you want and it can be frustrating.

There is a lot of sophisticated technology going on inside that Dino and this leads to a few inevitable bumps in the road.  The cool thing is, as kids play with Dino it learns more and gets better.  So, the play experience with CogniToys Dino should continue to improve with time.

If you have inquisitive kids who love Dinosaurs, the CogniToys Dino may just become their new BFF.

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