Natural Products Expo East 2016 – Here We Come!


We have been in training for weeks for the Natural Products Expo East.  You know, eating dirt, insects and making smoothies from some pond scum we found growing in a puddle behind our house.

You know what that was right there…horrible stereotypes about what eating natural and healthy is all about.  True, 10 years ago if you wanted to go with an all natural diet there was a lot of holding your nose and just chugging the various green smoothies that were all the rage.  Awesome taste and incredibly healthy just didn’t really fit together in the same sentence.

Natural Products Expo East Proves Healthy is Tasty and Tasty is Healthy

As we walk the show floor in Baltimore this weekend and try endless samples of all natural foods, not everything will be delicious.  However, if last year was any indicator, we will be pleasantly surprised at how many yummy and tasty treats we find at the Expo East.

The Natural Food industry has come a long way since the days of wheat grass smoothies that taste like…well, wheat grass.  Sure, there are still plenty of green smoothies on the market but the industry has learned things do need to taste good if you want people to eat it.

What Are We Looking for At Expo East

First a quick summary of what Natural Products Expo East is…

“Natural Products Expo East continues to be the East Coast’s leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry, attracting over 25,000 industry professionals and 1,900 exhibits to the Baltimore Convention Center. Rated as one of the top 200 trade shows in the US by Trade Show News Network, Natural Products Expo East continues to help attendees reach their business goals.”

While we don’t have a business goal, we do have a goal to find the absolute best, all natural and healthy snacks and foods.

So, we are off to Baltimore to sample the latest and greatest from the Natural Products Industry and will report our findings back to you busy parents.

Stay tuned, many more updates to follow…


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