Review: littleBits Rule Your Room Kit, Parents, Stealing From Your Kids Just Got Harder

Rule Your Room Kit

I get it.  You give the kids their own room and suddenly they want to rule over their domain.  They set the rules on who can enter, at what times and for what purpose.  Rules are fine and all, but is just the creation of rules going to stop a pesky sibling or even worse, a sugar starved Dad?

No, if you want your rules to be enforced, you are going to need some hardware.  Perhaps a Rule Your Room Kit from littleBits to help kids protect their room and valuables.  And really, what is more value than a giant chocolate bar?

Please watch our video review of the littleBits Rule Your Room Kit and all this talk of chocolate bars will make more sense…

littleBits Allow Anyone to Be An Inventor

It is no secret, we love littleBits.  The system of magnetic bits that just click together and allow kids to build cool inventions is just wonderful.  Bits are color coded (power, input, output, wire) and the manual that comes with the Rule Your Room kit provides a wealth of information in a fun and informative format.

Here is more information about the Rule Your Room Kit -

“The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit comes with seven Bits, accessories and a step-by- step guideto create eight touch-activated inventions right out of the box, with thousands more online. Further fueling the endless possibilities, The Rule Your Room Kit marks the first littleBits kit to include its ever popular Makey Makey Bit. This powerful, fun-filled Bit allows users to create touch-activated control pads to control your stuff, like using a banana to move your computer cursor, or high-fiving grandma to turn a light on (yep, it’s now OK to play with your food!). Kids easily progress from creating guided inventions to remixing them into something new, then coming up with their own ways to transform the stuff in their room into awe-inspiring, interactive contraptions. They can download the littleBits app or visit for inspiration on countless additional inventions and hacks using the kit, as well as share their original creations with the huge littleBits online community.”

Kids, There Are Cool Pieces For Your Next Invention All Around You

One of the things we love about the littleBits Rule Your Room kit is that it encourages kids to use found objects to make their inventions.  As a parent, I love to see my kids looking at boxes, bottles, cans – stuff they used to see as junk, but now see as parts for a new invention.  LittleBits provides the core material to make the inventions move, beep and light up, but the material your kids find lying around the house will help the inventions come to life.

At $99, the littleBits Rule Your Room Kit is not inexpensive, but when you start to see all the cool inventions your kids will make, it feels like a very worthwhile investment.  Unless you like to steal candy bars from you kids…in that case, do not get the Rule Your Room Kit :)

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littleBits Rule Your Room Kit Sells for $99

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