Tstand Review, Sometimes We Need A Hug…From a Tablet Stand


Couldn’t we all use a hug sometimes?  Sure, hugs from the kids and our spouse are great, but how come your iPad never gives you a hug?  Well, get ready for some iPad love because the Tstand will allow your iPad (or any other tablet) to hug you as you lie in bed.

Confused?  Please watch our video review of the Tstand foldable tablet stand and all will be clear…

A Simple Solution to a Common Problem

iPad and Android tablets are great.  Thin, beautiful slates that allow us to view endless cat videos.  The problem with tablets is that they don’t stand up (notably exception being the Lenovo Yoga Tablet series).  Watching videos when lying in bed can be a problem.



I know – #FirstWorldProblems – but if you are going to watch videos in bed or when lounging around, you might as well be comfortable.  Of course the Tstand is not just for bed, it makes a great tablet stand for your desk or in the kitchen.  In addition, the Tstand also doubles as a cool tripod like device for when you want to shoot photos or videos with your iPad.

The Tstand may not be the most exciting gadget in the world, but it does make your tablet more useable and enjoyable – and that is a pretty cool trick to pull off.

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The Tstand Sells for $54 on Amazon.Com

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