We Just Hit 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube, I Must Have A Larger Family Than I Thought

100K Subscribers

I have 4 siblings…that I know of.  For all of my life I was very satisfied with having these 4 awesome siblings.  Now, new evidence suggests I actually have 99,996 siblings I did not know about.  Wow, Thanksgiving should be really interesting this year.

How Else Can You Explain the 100,000 Subscribers to Our Channel?

I know the 99,996 unknown sibling theory seems a little odd, but really, how else can you explain our YouTube Channel hitting 100K subscribers?  Sure, we have now produced over 700 real world product review videos – covering everything from tires to drones to robotic dogs.  We have even run up some impressive stats…

Total Minutes Our Videos Have Been Viewed: 114,377,534

That means people have spent 1.9 million hours watching our videos.  That is over 79,400 DAYS of watching our videos.  Believe me, I have seen some of our videos – it must be I have a much larger family than I thought.

In All Seriousness, THANK YOU!

We like to joke around here, but in all seriousness, I am truly honored and thankful for all the incredible support we have gotten on our YouTube Channel.  THANK YOU for subscribing, watching, commenting and just being awesome.  We know we are not curing cancer here, but we do take our product reviews seriously and we can’t thank you enough for helping us grow and expand our coverage.

Get Ready For a Big 100K Subscriber Giveaway

To show you how much we love you, we are planning a pretty awesome 100K Subscriber giveaway.  Still working out the prizes, but they will be awesome and plentiful.  Look for this giveaway to launch at the end of July.

Not a Subscriber???

Don’t worry I have a cure for your “Not a Subscriber of Dad Does Blog YouTube Channel” disease…but we need to act fast.  Head over to our channel, click subscribe.  God speed, hopefully we caught this disease before it was too late…and you are addicted to cute cat videos.

Once again – THANK YOU for all of your support.



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