Why Getting Dad Nothing May Be The Best Father’s Day Gift Of All

Father's Day 2016

Regular readers just read that headline and probably thought, “Yep, Dan has officially lost it.  Time to put him in a home.”

After all, search this site and you will see we have written endless Father’s Day Gift Guides.  We declared war on boring Father’s Day presents.  We have a YouTube Channel with over 800 product reviews.

Now, I am saying get Dad nothing?  Have I suddenly decided to unburden myself of all worldly possessions and take you down the rabbit hole with me?  Not exactly, just hear me out…

What Does Dad Really Want?

Drones, gadgets, tablets, toys….all super cool and fun, but honestly, Dad can get that for himself.  What does Dad really want on Father’s Day?  A hug, to be loved, to be appreciated, to be pampered (yep, Dads like that too), to laugh, to smile…to feel incredibly special.

Check It Out, I Am Working The Guilt Angle Here…

Follow me here, this gets a little sneaky, weirdo psychology here…

If you get Dad gifts, that becomes the focus of the day.  Let’s give Dad his gifts!  Dad opens said gifts, some quick hugs and a thank you are shared…and then everyone goes back to staring at their screens and seeing if cats have taken over the internet yet.

You see what happened there?  The gifts became the thing on Father’s Day.  Rather than focusing on you, the focus shifts to the gifts.  Gifts are given and that becomes Father’s Day.

Now, what happens if there are no gifts?  Now the kids and family feel guilty.  Ah, lovely guilt.  You explain you just want to have a nice day together as a family.  You see what you did there?  You removed the stop to Father’s Day.  You removed the easy out, the buzz kill to focusing on Dad…the gifts.

The whole day is actually about you now.  Since no one got you anything, they really have to spend the day hugging, laughing and enjoying their time with you.  Their gift is spending the whole day with you and focusing on you.  Ah, exactly what you wanted.

I know, that is some crazy Ninja Guilt mind trick stuff right there.

Besides, It is Friday, You Are Too Late To Get A Gift Now…

Not buying what I’m selling? Well sorry, you are sort of stuck with my no gift Father’s Day idea.  You see, if you are reading this, it is Friday or Saturday before Father’s Day, so you don’t really have time to get a gift now anyway.

Show this post to Dad on Sunday.  It is sort of a Get Out of Jail Free Card – for not buying him a present.  It will show you were not lazy or forgot, rather you made the conscious decision to not get him a gift, so you could instead focus totally on him.

To All The Dads – Happy Father’s Day

Sunday is our day fellow Dads – let’s love it to death!  Gifts or no gifts, we wish every Dad shares some love and laughs with his family and has an incredible day.

Happy Father’s Day!


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