Eqo WeBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Review, An End to Dropped Calls?

eqo weboost

Smart phones are great….when they aren’t dropping calls or stuttering to load web pages.

If you happen to live or work in an area that is cursed by poor cell phone reception, you know the frustration all too well.  Dropped calls, missed messages, stuttering cat videos…yeah, it can get that bad.

Now the eqo weBoost claims to solve your problems.   The first plug and play cell phone booster, the eqo claims to provide a 32x better cell signal.

Does the eqo weBoost live up to the claims?  Please watch our full video review -

Simple Setup, With Impressive Results

Good products solve problems.  We had a problem – cell phone reception in our house is very weak.  There is basically one corner upstairs where we get a strong signal and the rest of the house is a breeding ground for dropped calls.

As the video shows, we were able to plugin the eqo and instantly see an improvement.  No WiFi needed. no configuration manager, no usernames, no passwords – just find the correct placement for the booster and antenna and you are ready to go.

Here are some of the key features…


  • Up to 32x Better Cell Signal
  • Plug-n-Play, No WiFi or Internet Needed
  • Works With All Major US and Canadian Carriers
  • Works With 3G and 4G LTE Phones and Tablets
  • Reduce Dropped Calls
  • Improved Data Rate  over Cellular Network
  • Ability to Expand (external antenna option)

Tips For Getting The Best Results With EQO

As we explained in the video, it does take a little experimenting with placement to get the best results with the eqo weBoost.  The most important factor is placement of the booster and antenna.

You do need to get some cell phone reception in your house, in order for the eqo to work.  If you are in a true dead zone, with no cell reception at all, there will be nothing for the eqo to boost.

Assuming you do have a spot in your house that gets some signal, you want to place the booster in that spot and the antenna at least 6 feet away from the booster.  Be sure to visit the weBoost site, as they explain the best way to setup the Eqo.

Sorry, But The EQO Will Not Remove Dead Zones In The Whole House

To avoid disappointment, it is important to understand how the eqo is intended to work.  The eqo is made to provide coverage to one room of your home.  While results will vary greatly based on cell phone signal power, your home, placement of the eqo and other factors – in our testing we got increased coverage in a range of about 20-40 feet from the antenna.

The eqo is not a whole home solution, rather it is made to increase cell phone reception in the room where the antenna is located. Wilson Electronics, the makers of the eqo, make a number of more extensive amplifications systems, which you can look into if you need more coverage than a single room.

If Dropped Calls Are Driving You Crazy, EQO Can Restore Your Sanity

Simply put, if you are going insane because of dropped calls in your home, the weBoost eqo can return your sanity.  For the $349 price tag, we wished the coverage expanded to our entire home, but at least it is great to be able to have hour long calls in the office without any drop outs or poor voice quality.

More Information:

eqo weBoost retails for $349

Watch our video review of the eqo weBoost

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