Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance Review, Give Your Files Some Privacy

Apollo Personal Cloud

I’ll admit it, that photo above does not look like a cloud, but it is a cloud.  Even better it is your personal, private and very large cloud!

The Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance from Promise Technology is a 4TB hard drive that you can use to store all your photos, videos and files from any device.  Rather than putting your files up in a public cloud, that is less secure, you can now have your very own cloud in your home or office.

How does the Apollo Personal Cloud work?  Please watch our full video review…

Why Have Your Own Private Cloud?

With Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Photos and countless other cloud based storage options, why do you need a personal cloud?  A very fair question.  The primary reason would be security.  Since the Apollo stores everything on its internal 4TB drive, your files are not living on public servers.

One of the other things we love about the Apollo Private Cloud is that there are no monthly fees.  You pay once for the device then there are no ongoing monthly fees.

Here is more information and specs on the Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance –

  • Small device, huge capacity – 4TB of storage space with no recurring fees.
  • Share what you want-  Capacity to share more than 440 hours of HD video, 220,000 photos and half a million songs
  • Quick access to content from anywhere – Apollo’s mobile app offers fast access and speedy playback of stored videos and other media content wherever the Internet is available.
  • Private Space – unlike other solutions, each member of a group gets a private space and full sharing control over their own files.  Up to 10 members can share space.
  • Easy to set up and use, from virtually anywhere – set up takes only minutes, on iOS and Android devices, Macs and PCs.
  • Digital content is safe and secure – with all transactions encrypted to the highest degree. Promise Technology uses the same core technology for Apollo that it uses on its professional storage devices.
  • Quiet, elegant, robust design – sleek, yet sturdy Apollo form factor easily fits on a shelf, a desk, or media cabinet.

 Should You Get the Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance?

If you are a casual user of cloud based services, infrequently storing files in the cloud, it will be hard to justify the $299 price tag for the Apollo.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a robust and secure cloud platform, to privately share files across Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, the Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance is an excellent choice.

While not everyone needs their own personal cloud, for those of us who do, it is great to have a reliable and easy to configure private cloud option on the market.

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