Lumi, A Legit Crowdfunded Drone? Crazy But True



Regular readers of Dad Does know that we are not big fans of crowd funded tech projects (see OnagoFly and Lima).  We of course love the idea of new tech products, you can get at a discount by being an earlier backer, we just hate how many fail.

So, why in the world would we be telling you about the Lumi Gaming Drone that just launched on Indiegogo? Two reasons, it is made by WowWee and we have seen it in action.  Yes, this is the rare case of a Indiegogo Drone campaign that we believe will deliver on its promises!

What Is The Lumi Gaming and Entertainment Drone?

We could tell you, but let’s just show you instead.  Here is the video we shot at Toy Fair 2016 in NYC –

Lumi Is NOT Your Standard Drone

Drones are awesome, but they take patience and practice to fly them.  For many folks, this is a deal breaker.  Hey, we are all busy and many of us barely have time to pickup the kids from school, no less learn how to fly a drone.

Lumi is the drone for all those people who don’t have time to learn how to fly a drone.  Lumi basically flies itself and you play games with Lumi.  Here is a quick rundown of the key features…


  • Lumi to the Beat – the game central to the Lumi experience allows you to select any song stored on your tablet or phone and Lumi will challenge you to move to the beat – a modern Drone Drone Revolution
  • Multi-Drone Play – With two Lumis, you can play games with a friend or other family members
  • Choreography Mode – Create your own sequence of aerial moves, control timing and light colors to your music, and then play it back whenever you like
  • Obstacle Avoidance – Lumi’s various sensors ensure that the drone will actively avoid walls, doors, cupboards, and any other common indoor objects. This extends to hand-gesture control, meaning you can play games with Lumi by placing your hand in front of the drone and forcing it to move
  • BeaconSense™ Technology – Using a compact system of infrared lights, Lumi will fly and self-stabilize itself in relation to the supplied Beacon
  • Follow-Me™ Feature – Simply pick up the beacon and Lumi will follow you with – no additional control necessary

Why We Believe Lumi Is The Rare Unicorn, A Legit Crowdfunded Drone

Honestly, our trust in Lumi comes from the fact that it is not really crowd funded.  WowWee is the company behind Lumi and they are a well established (founded in 1988) toy and technology company that has made numerous successful tech toys (MiP, Rev, MiPoSaur, just to name a few).

This all means that WowWee has funds to do all the research, testing and development – that other crowd funded campaigns are often lacking.  If you look at the Lumi timeline on the campaign page, most of the hard work has already been done (the project started in April 2015).  Your funds are going to final touches, not to invent the entire drone from a sketch.

The fact that we have seen multiple demos of the Lumi in action also gives us great confidence that Lumi is legit.

Should You Back Lumi?

You might be thinking, why back Lumi when I can just buy it when it is out at retail?  Fair question.  The real reason to back Lumi is to save some money.  On the Indiegogo campaign you can get Lumi for $59, which is 45% off retail and a pretty sweet deal for a drone with this much technology.

You can also get some cool maker kits  to really expand what you can do with Lumi.

Is there a risk in backing this campaign?  Of course, you are preordering a product that is not on the market yet, so anything could happen.  If saving some money and being one of the first to have Lumi is not a big deal to you, you can certainly hold off and buy at retail (we of course will have a full review when Lumi in ready).

To us, the fact that WowWee, an award winning tech and toy company is behind Lumi, gives us reason to believe that the risk to backing this campaign is minimal.  The reward?  You can get a head start at becoming a Lumi To The Beat master and destroy your friends who waited until it hit retail :)

More Information:

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