Bokah Blocks Review, A Construction and Building Set, With a Twist

Bokah Blocks

Wooden Building Blocks.

You are probably wondering, what new could possibly be going on with wooden building blocks.  They have been around forever and the concept is always the same – stack or snap blocks together, in linear, rigid ways.  Probably the last word that would come to mind is –


This is why we were so fascinated by the concept of Bokah Blocks – a made in the USA wooden building set, with flexible…dare we say…bendy joints!

Please watch our video review of the Bokah Blocks Ultimate Backpack Set -

The Power of The Bendys

As the video shows, it is the Bendy that makes the Bokah Blocks so flexible and open ended.  Bendys are single-size, flexible units that have the ability to stretch, pull, bend, and twist.  You are no longer constrained to rigid, 90 degree angle locks – with the Bendy your creations become more fluid and organic.

Here is a little more about what makes Bokah Blocks different than traditional building sets –

“These aren’t your ordinary toy blocks. Bokah Blocks is a new premium, wooden construction block toy made up of only two simple parts: the Bokah and the Bendy. Bokah blocks are a family of four sizes: Tinys, Smalls, Halfys and Longs.

Bokah Blocks is an easy-to-play construction toy that invites any person to build. The two basic components, the Bokah and the Bendy, make it simple and intuitive for anyone of any age to understand how Bokah Blocks works. They are consciously designed to easily signal the user how the parts can be joined together. This visual relationship between Bokahs and Bendys is unmistakable. It allows kids and adults alike to understand the basic function of Bokah Blocks without instructions.

Although simple in design, Bokah Blocks is engaging and challenging because you can create rotating and moving parts. The patent-pending joint system of Bokah Blocks brings an innovative approach to building that heightens play value. With Bokah Blocks, you can build strong forms that don’t have to remain static. Your blocks can become interactive. At that, Bokah Blocks brings new and exciting dimensions to playing and building. This toy allows kids to dictate the direction of play by putting their imagination and creativity in the driving seat.”

Much to Love About Bokah Blocks, From the Blocks to The Packaging

The Bokah Blocks are made from in the USA from Pennsylvania hardwood, so they look and feel great.  The Bendy provides a fun and flexible way to join the blocks together.  Clearly, we have become Bokah and Bendy fans, but our excitement does not stop there.

We love the packaging of the Ultimate Backpack Set.  First, the whole set comes in its own backpack – how cool is that?

bokah backpack

The other element of the packaging that we love – Gender Neutral.  Building is an awesome activity for boys and girls so we love that the Bokah Blocks shows both Leo (a boy) and Lele (a girl) on the packaging and in the manual.

Leo and Lele

If you have children who love to build, but find traditional sets like Lego to limiting, get them the Bokah Blocks and watch the creativity that happens with a simple bend and a twist.

More Information:

The Bokah Blocks Ultimate Backpack Set has 219 pieces and retails for $149. There are 119 Bokah blocks and 100 Bendys. The block assortment comes in 4 different lengths: 20 Longs (8″), 33 Halfys (4″), 39 Smalls (2″), and 27 Tinys (1.25″)

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