North Carolina Tar Heels Lose, Proving The #CurseOfHB2 is REAL!


Red Sox Fans Suffered Through The Curse of The Bambino

Cubs Fans Are Still Dealing With The Curse of the Billy Goat

Now It Is Painfully Clear The Tar Heels and All Of North Carolina Will Need to Endure the #CurseOfHB2

It All Started With A Special Session on March 23rd 2016…

Legend has it, the seeds for the curse were planted on one faithful day – 3/23/16.  That is the day North Carolina’s General Assembly proposed and passed the House Bill 2 (HB2) — and Gov. Pat McCrory signed it into law, on the very same night.

Oh, this was odd indeed.  It has been about 50 years since the phrases – “proposed”, “passed”, “signed it into law” and “very same night” appeared in the same sentence.

HB2 Was An Odd Law, Right From The Start

Most laws deal with protecting people or banning unfair or discriminatory practices.  Not HB2 (also known as the Bathroom Bill), it takes a decidedly different approach.  HB2 makes it illegal for towns and cities in North Carolina to offer certain protections and civil rights for groups of people.  Yep, you read that right – HB2 can make it illegal for towns and cities to NOT discriminate against groups of people.

Are you a mayor in Charlotte and want to…

Make sure employers can not discriminate based on gender identity?

Allow people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with?

Set a higher minimum wage, to assist your hard working citizens?

Allow a Mom to assist her disabled son in the bathroom?

Protect the basic human rights of all people?

TOO BAD – HB2 makes all of the above illegal.

Folks From All Walks of Life, Spoke Against HB2

Hundreds of companies have signed a letter to Governor McCrory asking that he strike down HB2.  Entertainment companies have said they will not film in NC as long as HB2 is still law.  New York, Washington, Vermont, Connecticut, Minnesota, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta have all banned non-essential travel to North Carolina.  Paypal withdrew an expansion that would have brought in 400 jobs to Charlotte.

Why Was Everyone Against HB2?

Here is where the legend gets fuzzy.  Large and small companies were against HB2.  Liberal and conservative companies were against HB2.  Short, tall, thin, fat, white, black, young, old…people from all walks of life were against HB2.


Why, such a public backlash to this law?  Some will claim that standing up for basic human rights is not being political, it is being human.  Democrat or Republican, red state or blue state, it just doesn’t matter…when you violate the human rights of one group, you violate the human rights of all of us.

Of course, others will swear the real reason for the backlash is fear of the Curse of HB2!

It is told, that when Governor McCrory went to bed, after staying up way past his bedtime to pass HB2 into law, a cardinal and gray squirrel (state animals of course) appeared before him.  The cardinal spoke first and said “As long as HB2 is law, bad things will happen to North Carolina.”  McCrory, seemed unmoved by the talkative cardinal.  Then the gray squirrel spoke up and issued these chilling words, “As long as HB2 is law, the Tar Heels will never win another championship.”  The Curse of HB2 was born.

I know this all to be true because I know a fox who is friends with a rabbit who plays poker with the gray squirrel.

With the Tar Heels losing the Championship, we now know the curse is real.

Governor McCrory, It Is Time to End This Curse

Governor, endless others have tried to logic with you.  They have tried to explain why HB2 is bad for North Carolina on every level.  Screw logic, I know it is not really your thing.

It is as simple as this, do you really want your legacy to be the guy that started the Curse of HB2.  You have already cost the Tar Heels one championship, how many more will it take?

Ask the guy who kicked the Billy Goat out of Wrigley Field…probably wishing he could have that decision back now.

Think the Red Sox regret trading Babe Ruth?

Governor, the time is now.  The gray squirrel and cardinal are reasonable animals and have given me their word.  Strike down HB2 and they will lift the curse.   Do nothing, the Tar Heels never win again and North Carolina will be forever known as the state with the #CurseOfHB2…oh and also, the worst discrimination protection in the US.


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