Endless Toy Videos From Toy Fair 2016 – Part 1

Toy Fair 2016

We told you we would have lots of coverage of Toy Fair 2016 in NYC….and now we are going to prove it.

No, not with boring words, but with endless videos.  Moving pictures, color…even sound!

For those that don’t know – Toy Fair 2016 in NYC is the place where toy companies come to demo and describe all the new toys that will be released later in 2016.  We spent 3 days at the show, rolling our cameras and here is what we have so far…

Wait, Don’t Miss The New Videos We Put Out

Believe it or not, we have plenty of more videos going up over the next two weeks.  If you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, you can make sure you never miss a new video.  How would you ever continue on with your day if you were not among the first to see a brand new drone???

Roll the videos please…

Awesome Blasters

Robots and Robotics Pets

Flying Toys and Drones

Other Fun Toys…

Much More Still to Come

This is just part one of our Toy Fair coverage.  Stay tuned, more to come…

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