Review: Jackson Galaxy Air Prey & Laser Teaser Cat Toy

air prey cat toy

Here at Dad Does we have reviewed over 700 toys.  Toys for kids of all ages.  Everything from the most advanced tech toys to toys that don’t even have a power switch.

Yet, with all these toy reviews, something has been missing…. toys for PETS!  Well, let’s fix that today…

Please watch our video review of the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey and Laser Teaser Cat Toy -

Finally A Toy Our Cat Can Enjoy

Our poor cat.  Normally we “play” with him by flying drones around his head and zipping robotic pets in front of him.  No cat toys for him, we just see how he reacts to all the human toys we get to review.

With the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand, finally our cat gets a toy just for him…and as the video shows, he loves it!

Here is more info on the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand…

Cats that prefer air prey will love playing with this Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand with Removable Laser. This toy features a 30-inch retractable cord, a 43-inch adjustable telescoping length, feathers and a removable laser to keep your cat’s undivided attention. Engage your cat’s hunting instincts with this remarkable toy.  If your cat stalks moths and chases flying objects, he/she will dig this air prey toy.

The Air Prey Wand sells for about $15-$20 and is made by Petmate

Prepare For More Coverage of Pet Toys as We Head to Global Pet Expo

In our attempt to reach our new demographic, highly literate pets, we are greatly expanding our coverage of pet toys!

In mid March we will head to the Global Pet Expo, the largest annual pet trade show in the country.  We will be on the lookout for cool toys and products for all your fury friends.

Stay tuned, much more to come!

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