Review: ForeverSpin Tops – Yes, Spinning Tops Are Cool Again


You probably read that headline and thought someone has taken the standard spinning top toy, embedded it with all types of technology, added an app and made it cool for 2016.  No, that would be 2015 cool – 2016 cool is all about being retro, classy and elegant.  Us old folks can celebrate – everything old is new again!

ForeverSpin has created a series of spinning tops that are lovingly crafted from only the finest and purest metals and alloys in the world – titanium, silver, gold, tungsten and many more in their full collection.  Part toy, part collectible and all beautifully crafted art – the ForeverSpin looked intriguing.

Please watch as we take 3 ForeverSpin tops for a test spin…

Warning, Owning a ForeverSpin Top Will Kill Your Productivity

This review would be much more coherent if I didn’t stop writing every 3 minutes to see if I could get a good spin on my 24K Gold Plated top.  I can’t really explain it – something about the sound the top makes, watching it move, wondering how long it will actually spin – it is mesmerizing.  Sort of like watching fire…it just sucks you in.

I know, it seems weird to go on and on about a simple spinning top, but ForeverSpin really puts a lot into these little tops –


  • Every spinning top is meticulously checked to ensure that only perfectly balanced tops receive a serial number and carry the ForeverSpin seal.
  • Precision CNC-machined
  • Made from a single solid piece of Metal or Alloy – No Seams or Joints
  • Holographic Unique Serial Number for every top 
  • Designed to last Forever; the perfect gift
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Perfect Gift For Collectors and Lovers of Functional Design

If you are going to collect something, it might as well be beautiful and fun.  ForeverSpin tops are clearly geared toward folks willing to pay more for design and collectibles – prices range from about $40 to $195 for a top.  The more expensive the metal, the more pricey the top.

You can buy and collect the tops individually, or go with a collection like –


The Mini MetalMuseum.  They make a wide variety of tops, collections and bases – and all look like something you would find in a museum.  Check out the ForeverSpin site to see all the options.

Spinning Tops Are Cool Again And That’s a Good Thing

Too many products today are mass produced, poorly designed and disposal.  ForeverSpin tops buck that trend and provide a beautifully designed, tested and balanced product that will last forever.

Looking for a gift for that person who has everything?  Get him/her a ForeverSpin top. At first they will be confused when they open it – not really understand what the big deal is.  Then they will spin it and spin it again and spin it again… a few hours later, as they still try to perfect their spin technique, they will get it and thank you.

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