So, How Exactly Do You Make Zoomer Fart?


Christmas is a magical time.  A day to spend time with your family and loved ones.  A day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And of course, a day to find out – How Do You Make Zoomer Fart?

Yes, Here Are Actual Searches From Our Site on Christmas Day

We do a ton of product reviews and numerous product review videos on our YouTube channel.  What is our busiest traffic day of the year? Yep, Christmas Day.  I guess kids get all types of fun toys on Christmas…but they have questions…so they spend Christmas Day searching for answers.

Here are some of the actual searches that lead people to our site on Christmas Day (our comments in red)…

Kids Got Great Toys…And Instantly Broke Them

Toys like MiP, Max Tow Truck, Air Hogs RC planes, Flutterbye Fairy and Sky Viper Drones are very fun…but apparently can also break easily…

Actual Searches:

air hogs fury jump jet parts

air hogs fury jump jet replacement parts

air hogs rollercopter troubleshooting

flutterbye fairy won’t fly

mip won’t stand up

mip won’t balance

sky viper troubleshooting

sky viper camera drone parts

max tow truck not working

max tow truck troubleshooting

Hoverboards Were Popular…And Troublesome 

Thankfully we did NOT get searches like “help, my hoverboard burst into flames” – but we did get plenty of searches showing people were having some trouble with the hot holiday gift of the year…

troubleshooting swagway

how to get off swagway

swagway x1 troubleshooting

how to charge swagway

swagway troubleshooting

is swagway legit

Finally, Zoomer Robotic Pets Were Popular…

We got tons of searches on how to train the Zoomer pets from Spin Master…

how to train zoomer

how to train a zoomer

how to train a zoomer puppy

But, How Do You Make Zoomer Fart?

Somewhat disturbingly, we also got way too many searches like this about Zoomer…

how to make zoomer dino fart

zoomer dino fart

Because really, it isn’t Christmas until you have learned how to make Zoomer Fart!

Happy Holidays!


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