Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack Review, Not Your Standard Robots

Dash and Dot

What is better than a robot?  Two robots!  Even better still, we are not talking about those intimidating, I’m going to take over the world and enslave you robots…we are talking about the friendly and cute Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack.

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Cute and Sweet, But Smart and Expandable

A first glance at Dash and Dot and they look like fun little toys for kids ages 4-7.  The Go and Paths Wonder Apps (iOS and Android) would certainly appeal to the younger kids.  You can drive Dash around, change his/her colors and make animal sounds…what could be better?

The thing is, with a $199 price tag, that would be a steep price to pay for remote control toys for younger kids.  Let’s face it, by the time the kids are 8 and up, they will want more advanced robots.

Here is what makes Dash and Dot so special – they are the more advanced robots!  Dash and Dot grow with your kids and by using the Blocky and Wonder apps, kids can do advanced programming, make use of the sensors, mic, speaker and accelerometer and really learn how to code.

Here are the key features of the Dash and Dot Robot Pack –

“Dash and Dot are real robots for children ages 8 and up that are responsive to their world; your child can bring them to life with our free apps available on iOS and Android. Dash and Dot come with hundreds of exciting coding adventures and projects available in Wonder and Blockly apps.

Use your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice. With the revolutionary free app Wonder, kids can program Dash to be the real robot pet, pal or sidekick of their dreams. Kids program Dot’s lights, sounds, and sensors in the apps and see Dot come to life. Together, you can use our Blockly app to make Dash and Dot work together!”

Kids Of The World Rejoice – No Instruction Manual and No Assembly

Pull Dash and Dot out the box and press the power switch to see the robots come to life.  You will want to charge up your new robot friends and download the Wonder Workshop apps so you can communicate with the robots.  No assembly and except for a quick start guide, no manual to read.

The no manual thing is mostly a positive.  Kids learn by following the directions in the app and doing missions or stages.  It is one of those deals where you need to complete one task to unlock the next task.  This does force the kids to learn each task, but it can get annoying having to unlock stages, just to get to the part you want to play.

Overall, the no manual approach works well.  It encourages kids to jump in and start experimenting with the robots.  Trial and error is one of the best ways to learn coding skills.  There were a few times when it was not clear what to do next in an app and in these cases some more instructions would have helped.

Dash and Dot, The Perfect Entry Into The World of Robots

Robots can be intimidating.  Coding can seem overwhelming.  Thankfully, Wonder Workshop has created Dash and Dot, robots that are easily accessible by children of all ages and make coding fun and rewarding.  At $199 for the Dash and Dot combo pack, these robots are not cheap, but the ability for the robots to grow with your children helps justify the investment.  Besides, when they grow up to be programmers for Google, they can buy you a nice house :)

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