Matchbox Treasure Truck, Finally A Toy That Can Pay For Itself

Matchbox Treasure Truck

When I was a kid, it really didn’t get any better than playing in the sandbox with my toy truck.  Push the truck, dig in the sand – what could be better?  Well, I guess finding hidden treasure could have made things better!

Yep, once again, kids today get a toy that pushes things to a whole new level.  The Matchbox Treasure Truck takes the classic toy truck and attaches a real working metal detector to the front.  It only cost about $25 and it shouldn’t be long before you kids dig up more than that in lost treasures!

Please watch our video review of the Matchbox Treasure Truck

Yes, The Metal Detector Really Works

As we show in the video, the metal detector really does work.  You even get a sensitivity control if you really want to fine tune your treasure hunting expedition.

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  • Dig up adventure with the Matchbox Treasure Truck!
  • Rugged, large-scale truck equipped with a real working metal detector
  • Activate the truck and start the hunt for treasure!
  • Once it beeps, use the scoop to sift thru the dirt or sand
  • Durable design and rolling wheels make this great for indoors or outdoor play

A New Play Element to Beach and Sandbox Adventures

Of course the Treasure Truck can be used to find hidden treasure on the beach or in the sandbox, but I think kids will have a blast playing hide and seek games on the beach.  One child hides a metal action figure in the sand, while the other has 3 minutes to try to find and save him with the Treasure Truck!

Simply put, the Matchbox Treasure Truck is a winner.  It takes the fun of a classic truck and combines it with the thrill of finding buried treasure! Just make sure your son/daughter agrees to split the loot they find with you.

More Information:

The Matchbox Treasure Truck From Mattel ($25)

Purchase the Matchbox Treasure Truck at Amazon.Com


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