NOON VR Virtual Reality Headset Review, Travel To A New Reality

Noon VR

Let’s face it, sometimes the reality we live in can be a little trying.  Kids screaming, rain falling and the police cars with sirens blasting driving by your window are doing very little to put you in a happy place.  What if you could leave your reality, say jump to a virtual reality filled with palm trees and the sounds of the ocean washing against the pristine beach you stand on as you watch the sun disappear behind the horizon?

Virtual Reality.  We have heard about it, seen it in Science Fiction movies, but is it really available today…and for under $100?  Yes…sort of.  The NOON VR Headset allows you to take your smartphone (iOS or Android), run some virtual reality apps and be transported to a virtual world.

The technology is not perfect yet, but the NOON VR represents a giant step forward in the sub $100 virtual reality experience.

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Visit Distant Lands…From Your Couch

We have written about Virtual Reality on The Cheap and the Google Cardboard devices.  On the other end of the spectrum you have the Oculus Rift, that will sale for around $400 and require a powerful computer.  The NOON VR sits nicely in the middle.  By using your smartphone as the screen and brains, the NOON VR gives you a pretty full featured virtual reality experience on a low budget.

Here is a breakdown of the NOON VR Headset –


Finally A VR Headset For People With Less Than Perfect Vision

One of the problems with Google Cardboard is that the lens are not adjustable.  If you wear glasses, the standard Google Cardboard setup is not going to work.

Thankfully the NOON VR has adjustable lenses, so you can focus the image to match your eyesight.  Here are some of the other features of the NOON VR-

  • Supports any smartphones (iOS or Android) larger than 4.7 inches. 
  • With eyesight control and tap-responsive UX, users can access all NOON VR features without an external device
  • Immediate and easy usage possible without additional necessary equipment or components
  • Package Contents: adjustable headband, detachable frame, protective cover, lens cloth, user’s manual, and activation code.
  • Download NOON APP to browse and watch any videos stored in your phone with the NOON VR app in VR mode. Normal 2D videos as well as stereoscopic 3D or 360 videos can be experienced as immersive VR video

NOON VR Provides A Glimpse of The Future

If you have an iOS or Android smartphone and you want to experience the thrill of virtual reality, the NOON VR is an excellent choice.  Watch movies, play games, interact with museum artifacts, travel to distance lands – all without leaving your chair.  While the technology is not perfect and there can be eye strain if used for too long, at $89 the NOON VR provides an excellent way for you put your feet in the virtual waters.

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