Awesome Air Hogs RC Toy Giveaway, Over $140 In High Flying Fun Toys

Air Hogs Giveaway

As I write this post it is October 8th, but I guarantee you, in a blink of an eye it will be December.  I believe there is some warp hole that makes time speed up as we approach the holidays.  One day we have 2 months to shop for the holidays and all is relaxed and peaceful.  Then, in what seems like an instant, we have 2 days left to do all our shopping and complete panic sets in.  Aren’t the holidays grand?

We Are Here to Help – Give The Gift of Flying Fun

When it comes to picking out gifts for the kids, what do you get them?  In our experience, boys and girls, young and old love the following: things that fly, things that flip, things that drive and things that transform.

There were 3 toys from Air Hogs in 2015 that perfectly fit all the criteria above –

Air Hogs Helix Ion

The Helix Ion a tiny quadcopter with giant features.  Do 360 degree flips at the push of a button!

Air Hogs Shadow Launcher

It’s a truck, then push a button and out comes an RC Helicopter.  Does it get better than that?

Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet

Do you want an RC Plane or RC Helicopter?  Yes!  Have them both with this transforming RC.


The total value of the 3 RC toys is over $140 and we are giving them away!


Forget shopping for the kids this holiday season, how about winning for the kids!


On October 19th, 2015 we are giving away all 3 Air Hogs Toys  ($140)

Do I Have to Give Up My First Born to Enter?

Not only do you not need to give up your first born to enter, you can even keep your 2nd and 3rd born as well! We tried to make this as easy as possible, so here is the 3 Step Process…

Step 1 – Join Us (Mandatory)

If you clicked that nice little Join Us button in the past – you’ve already got a ticket in the Air Hogs Giveaway!  Any member of Dad Does is automatically entered into any giveaway we do. Not a member yet? No problem, all you have to do is Join Us – requires just your email, 100% free and takes about 6 seconds. So, just Join Us once and you are automatically entered in any giveaway we ever do – simple – right?

Step 2 – Leave a Comment Below And Increase Your Odds of Winning by 5x (Optional)

If you are reading this post, you deserve a better chance to win. So, just leave a comment below – say anything you like, and we will give you 5 additional entries into the giveaway. Maybe tell us which Air Hogs toy is the most awesomest to you!

Step 3 – Complete Your Entry Using The RaffleCopter App

To help us randomly pick the winners and keep track of the entries we are using a cool little app called Raffle Copter. Once you have Joined Dad Does and left a comment on this post, just complete your entry by using this RaffleCopter app –

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It is very important you record your entries in the above app, as it is how we will notify winners.  Even if you have joined us in the past, we still need you to put an entry in the Rafflecopter app.

To recap, you Join Us, that gets you 1 entry. Already a member? You already have your first entry (but please still complete the info on Rafflecopter). If you want, leave a comment below, that gets you 5 more entries (giving 6 entries as the maximum anyone can get). Record your entries using the RaffleCopter app on this page. If you win, tell us where to ship it. Pretty darn easy, no?

We will randomly pick THREE winners on Monday October 19th, 2015.  Each winner will get one of the above prizes.

Sorry, but prizes can only be shipped to a US or Canada address.

Let The Fun Begin!

Join Us – takes about 6 seconds and gets you an entry in this contest and all other contests we ever do. If you want to increase your odds, just leave a comment below – that gets you 5 more entries (maximum of 6 entries per person).

Rub a rabbit’s foot, grab a four leaf clover, kiss a leprechaun and let the fun begin!

More Information:

Visit Air Hogs To Learn More About Their Line of RC Toys


Leave A Comment Below And Increase Your Odds of Winning By 5 Times! Good Luck to All!


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