You Never Know What You Will Hear At Natural Products Expo East…



We are down at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore (9/16-9/19) looking for great natural products that Dads, Moms and kids will love.  Expo East is a showcase of the best natural and organic foods, supplements and personal care products.  Basically you walk up and down the aisles of the Baltimore convention center and do exactly what you tell your kids never to do…accept treats from strangers.

We Knew This Was a Dangerous Mission…

There are all types of risks associated with sampling endless and often unknown natural foods.  What exactly was in that gluten free, vegan cookie I just ate?  Will the cookie mix well with the fermented green drink I just had?  Oh, I’m sorry – I wasn’t supposed to eat that organic ear wax candle you just handed me?

But We Thought The Educational Seminars Would be Safe…

In addition to sampling food, we are also attending educational seminars to learn more about diet and health.  What could possibly go wrong while attending a seminar on the benefits of probiotics?  Then it happened.  The presenter dropped the FT words on us.

Yep, he explained how Fecal Transplants are becoming a popular thing.  Not just any Fecal Transplant, but Do It Yourself Fecal Transplants.  Google it.  I should warn you, some things can never be unlearned.  It is going to be a long time before I recover from this ordeal.

Despite the Danger, We Are Finding Awesome Products

Seriously, we have tried some great products, like this one –


The Hidden Garden Gluten Free Cookies taste great, which is more amazing when you learn that they sneak a decent amount of veggies into each cookie.

How do you improve on fruit?  How about filling it with gelato –



Yep, we tried all the Divino handcrafted gelatos (the things we do for you) and loved them all.

Must Rest Stomach, More to Try Tomorrow

We have so much more to share – but we still have not tried everything yet.  Look for some posts next week on the best of Expo East!

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