New Spy Gear Toys for 2015, Parents Beware, The Kids Are Watching!

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Moms and Dads, remember back in the day when spy toys were just that…toys.  The “video walkie talkies” had a fake screen with the photo of some spy on the other end and you used your imagination to believe you had real video walkie talkies.  Ditto for the “night vision” goggles we had – they sort of looked cool, but they clearly did not provide any real ability to see in the dark.

Welcome to 2015.  Today, the spy toys are real.  The new stuff from Spy Gear does include video walkie talkies that really work and night vision goggles that let you see in total darkness.  Parents, you have been warned – you may not be alone.  You never know when a spy toy is recording exactly where you stash the candy.

Let’s take a quick look at the new offerings from Spy Gear for 2015 –

Spy Gear Spy Snake Cam

Ever wanted to see through walls?  Well, you still can’t do that, but you can see around walls now.  With the Spy Gear Spy Snake Cam ($29.95 at kids can see around walls, under doors…what could possibly go wrong?  Good news for parents – the Snake Cam does not record, it simply displays what the flexible snake cam picks up on the included LCD screen.

Spy Gear Ultimate Night Vision Goggles

You are in a dark room and see a faint red light moving in the distance.  Beware, the room is not “dark” to your kids!  The Spy Gear Ultimate Night Vision Goggles ($39.95) allow kids to see up to 50 feet away in complete darkness.  The goggles use infrared technology to pull off the night vision trick.

Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies

We have saved the best for last.  Sure we can use Facetime and Skype to do video chats, but that involves expensive smart phones and data plans.  The Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies ($69.95 for a pair) allow kids to have video chats from up to 160 feet away with no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or data plans needed.

More Spy Gear to Come…

We are still looking to review a few additional spy toys, but it already seems clear that 2015 will be a banner year for kid spies!

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