MiPosaur Review, Your Prehistoric Pet Dino From The Future Arrives In The Present

MiPosaur Review

Admit it, after reading the title above, your brain just gave up.  It makes no sense – dinosaurs are a thing from the distant past.  There is nothing futuristic about a dino and they certainly would not make good pets!

You clearly have never met MiPosaur from WowWee.

MiPosaur is a prehistoric robotic pet toy, that is filled with some pretty amazing futuristic technology, that you can buy today.  All make sense now?  Probably not, but this in-depth video review should help…

Please watch our video review of the MiPosaur from WowWee -

3 Fun Ways to Play With MiPosaur

As the video shows, there are numerous ways to play and interact with MiPosaur.  You can use hand gestures (what they call “gesture sense”) to make MiPosaur move around.  This is probably our least favorite way to control MiPosaur.

The second way to control MiPosaur is with the Beacon Sense trackball.  This is a blast and provides a very pet like experience.  It is the trackball that takes MiPosaur from remote controlled robot dino to fully interactive, unpredictable and playful pet.

The third way to control MiPosaur is via the app.  The app works with iOS (8.0 or later) and Android phones or tablets.  The app allows you to drive MiPosaur around, make him/her dance, feed MiPosaur and one of our favorite things – battle!

Yes, you can play a laser tag like battle game between other MiPosaurs and also the MiP robot.  Get a couple of MiPs and a few MiPosaurs in the same room and then have an all out battle – it gets crazy and crazy fun very quickly!

A Whole Lot of Technology for a Dinosaur

When you refer to someone as a “Dinosaur” it tends to mean they are outdated and not up on the latest technology.  That expression is going to have to change with MiPosaur being around now.

MiPosaur is a dinosaur who is packed with some pretty advanced technology, especially for a toy.  Here are the key features:


  • Self Balances on Two Wheels
  • Gesture Sense – Hand gesture command recognition
  • Comes with a Beacon Sense infused trackball, that Miposaur will flawlessly keep in sight
  • Evolving intelligence for progressive play
  • Personality and Mood Changes Depending On How You Play
  • Firmware Upgradable For New Features
  • Audio Sensors to Respond to Claps
  • App Controlled – Android or iOS (8.0 or higher)
  • APP FEATURES: Direct drive control over MiPosaurs movements; Path tracing; Compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 enabled devices
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries for MiPosaur and 4 AAA Batteries for the Trackball

The Best Feature of MiPosaur?  His Personality!

Often when we review cool robots and RC toys they are just that…cool!  Packed with technology and very impressive in the feature set, the one thing they often lack is play value.  Once the cool and wow part has worn off, the kids have no interest in playing with the toy.

Luckily, the MiPosaur does not suffer from this same fate, because this dino has personality!  MiPosaur behaves more like a pet than a robot.  He doesn’t always listen to you and you are never sure exactly what he is going to do – which is great!

The track ball really adds a great layer of play value.  The kids were playing soccer and keep away with MiPosaur.  They were actually making up new games to play with MiPosaur and his ball – engaging their imagination – which is always the key to a toy having lasting play value.

The only real downside to MiPosaur is the price.  The $119 list price will put it out of reach of some, it would be great to see that price come down to the $70-$80 range.  If the price is not a deal breaker for you and your kids are into dinosaurs, they will absolutely love the wonderfully unpredictable MiPosaur – the futuristic prehistoric pet they never knew they wanted and now can’t live without!

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