All Natural Baobab Ice Cream, The Perfect Way to Beat The Summer Heat

Baobab Ice Cream

It’s hot and you need to cool down.  You can hardly move, getting out of the chair feels like a herculean task.  You need… ice cream!  You need that cool sweet treat freezing your insides.

But what happens after you finish that giant bowl of ice cream.  Sure it was cool and delicious, but it was also void of any real nutrients.  The sugar high is wearing off and you feel yourself slipping back into that chair again.  You scream, “Damn you delicious ice cream, couldn’t you be nutritious as well???

Yes, yes it can.  Say hello to All Natural Baobab Ice Cream…

Cool, Delicious and Packed With Nutrients

The Baobab Fruit is packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, magnesium, potassium and more.  While many fruits like to claim the title of Super Fruit, the Baobab Fruit is one of the rare fruits that has the nutrients to back up this claim.

The full recipe for the Baobab Ice Cream can be found here.  We have to say we tried it out and it tastes so good, you will have a hard time believing it is also packed with nutrients!

Limitless Baobab Is The Fruit Powder You Have Been Looking For

Okay, you have read about the Baobab fruit and think it is fantastic, but does a powder version of the fruit really have the same nutritional value?  If you use Limitless Baobab – YES!

Limitless Baobab is made by taking Baobab Fruit and cracking open the hard outer shell.  The seeds are then removed.  The Baobab Pulp is left to dry and it naturally dehydrates in the shell.  Once the Baobab Pulp is solid, it is simply milled into a powder and put into the Limitless Baobab bottle.

What you get is 100% Certified Organic Baobab Fruit in powder form, that has never been exposed to high heat or altered in any way.  In short, you get all the nutrients of the Baobab fruit, just in powder form.

We would write more, but our Baobab Ice Cream is melting and we need to go eat it…

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