Livescribe 3 Review, Move Over Smartphone Now We Have a Smartpen

LiveScribe 3

Does it get more old school than pen and paper?  You move your pen along the paper, ink is transferred, words are created, doodles are made – it really is a lovely thing.  The problem comes a month later when you want to find the notes you took.  Where is that scrap of paper?  Did you throw it out by accident?  If you do find it, how do you share that lovely analog creation with everyone else who lives in the digital world?

What if when you wrote on paper, a digital version was also stored on your phone or tablet?  What if your analog creation was then converted into text for easy searching and sharing?  Say hello to the Livescribe 3 Smartpen.  It looks like a normal pen, writes like a normal pen, but it also captures everything you write in digital form.  Welcome to the future!

Please watch our video review of the Livescribe 3 Smartpen -

A Pen That James Bond Would Be Impressed With…

One of our favorite things about the Livescribe 3 is how the technology is hidden from the user.  As the video shows, it really could not be easier.  You take a pen, you write on a pad and instantly what you write appears on your iOS or Android device.  OCR, sharing and searching is just a click away.

Hidden in the Livescribe 3 pen and pad is some sophisticated technology to make the magic work –


  • The pen features an ink cartridge and camera on one side, and capacitive stylus tip on the other.
  • The high-speed infrared camera reads a pattern of tiny dots printed on Livescribe paper.
  • The combination of camera & paper means the smartpen knows the precise time, page location, page number and which notebook was used for every penstroke, facilitating instant organization.
  • The Livescribe 3 uses Bluetooth Smart (4.0) Low Energy to quickly reconnect to paired devices while delivering 14 hours of continuous use between charges.
  • Email notes, share them via Evernote, OneNote, SMS or any app that supports PDF files, store in any cloud service or on a computer desktop.
  • Automatic uploads to Evernote & OneNote, along with organization in the free Livescribe+ app, with notes available on both a smartphone and tablet simultaneously.
  • Smartpen includes flash memory for storing notes on the pen.
  • The Lithium Ion battery is recharged using a micro-USB port under the stylus tip.

Pencasts, The Killer Feature That Puts The Livescribe 3 Over The Top

A pen that scans what you write into your phone is cool, but you could always take a photo of your notes and perform OCR (optical character recognition) on them.  The Pencast feature is what pushes the Livescribe 3 from interesting idea, to truly useful and unique tool.

While at a lecture just click record and the audio is recorded to your phone or tablet.  As you write and take notes with your Livescribe 3, it is tracking the timing on the audio recording, what they call a pencast.  This means later on you can just click on the section of your notes that says “This is an amazing story!” and you will instantly hear exactly what was being said when you wrote that line.

Once you use the pencast feature for the first time, you have one of those. “why didn’t I invent this” moments.  It just makes so much sense and allows you to listen more to the lecture and not worry about scribbling down every single thing that is said.  I was writing “good facts to tweet” in my notes and later could just click and hear what the facts were.  Genius.

The Livescribe 3, Advanced Technology That Feels Simple

No doubt there is a lot of technology in the Livescribe 3 pen, but the best part is, it is so simple to use.  You write with a pen on a pad – even I can handle that.  In our testing everything worked as advertised and it was a joy to use the Livescribe 3 Smartpen.   If you are looking for a simple and effective way to take, share and search notes – the Livescribe 3 Smartpen is an excellent solution.

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