Glow Show Sticker Launcher Review, Shooting Stars Just Took On A New Meaning

Glow Show Sticker Launcher

What is a shooting star?  If you said a small, rapidly moving meteor burning up on entering the earth’s atmosphere, you clearly have never seen the Glow Show Sticker Launcher.

Us Sticker Launcher veterans know that a shooting star is when you put a glow in the dark star sticker on your foam dart and shoot it up to your ceiling.  If you really want to have some fun, blast that star sticker with light from the Sticker Launcher and then project a few spaceships on the ceiling.

Confused?  Please watch our video review of the Glow Show Sticker Launcher from Moose Toys -

Where In The World Was This Toy When I Was A Kid?

Glow in the dark stickers.  A Blaster.  A flashlight.  A projected rocket ship?  What kid, boy or girl, wouldn’t love the Glow Show Sticker Launcher?  It is simple, fun and actually solves a problem.  Kids can’t reach the ceiling to put up stars and stickers?  No problem, just blast them onto the ceiling.

We were a little concerned this thing would not really work.  We worried the sticker would fall off or not stick to the ceiling.  We’ve blasted about 30 stickers (set comes with 48) onto the ceiling and every single one stuck on the first try.

The Ultimate Sleep Over Party Secret Weapon

As parents, we have all been there.  The kids are having a sleep over party, but the idea of actually turning out the lights and sleeping is just not getting much traction with the kids.   Well, now you can pull out a few Sticker Launchers and have them lie down and blast stickers on the ceiling.  Who can say no to blasting anything?

Of course, once the stickers are up, you need to turn off the lights to see them in the dark and play with the projections.  Before you know it, everyone is sleeping…and your ceiling is covered in stickers.  Don’t worry, if you don’t love the stickers, they are wall and ceiling safe and easily peel off.

The Glow Show Sticker Launcher is listed for ages 5+ and I would think kids ages 5-10 is the target audience.  Don’t tell that to my 11 year old,  who will not stop shooting stickers onto the ceiling.

Overall, the Glow Show Sticker Launcher is a super fun toy that puts a new spin on the blaster market.

More Information:

The Glow Show Sticker Launcher from Moose Toys ($24.99, Ages 5+, 3 AAA Batteries)

Watch our video review of the Glow Show Sticker Launcher


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