Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet RC Plane/Helicopter Review, Wings Gain Their Freedom

Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet

Don’t you feel sorry for airplanes?  I mean, where is there flexibility?  Their wings are fixed and rigged, propellors or jet engines always facing the same way…day after day, night after night.

Unless the plane you are looking at is the new Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet.  Yes, this flexible and free swinging RC beast claims to be able to turn its wings straight up, enter helicopter mode for straight up rising and with the push of a button transform into a plane and jet away into the sunset.  This we had to see to believe…

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A Transform Button On The Remote, Need We Say More?

Look, anytime you have a RC toy that has a TRANSFORM button on the remote, you know you are in for a treat.  A flying RC toy with a Transform? That is just icing on the cake.

Yes, we were skeptical this whole thing would work.  A VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) RC Plane, at the consumer level, that doesn’t instantly break?  Not the easiest thing to pull off.  Kudos to the folks at Air Hogs because they got it right and the result is a toy that is fun to fly.

We are still concerned about durability given all the moving parts, but so far, so good.  We will update the review if we have any problems as we continue to play test for the next few weeks.

You Really Need Features Beyond the Transform Thing???

The real reason you would get the Fury Jump Jet is because it can do vertical take-offs and then transform into a plane in mid-air.  Still, if you like bulleted lists of features, who are we to get in your way…


  • Remotely Transform From Helicopter to Plane
  • Hover in Place in Helicopter Mode
  • 2.4 Ghz Remote, 200 Foot Range
  • Durable Foam Construction
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries
  • 45 Minutes of Charge Time for About 10 Minutes of Fly Time
  • Ages 8+

In terms of cons while testing the Fury Jump Jet, just some minor things.  First, we wish you got more fly time on a charge.  We say this every single time we review an RC product, but in watching kids play, it is the biggest problem.  They are flying the thing around, having a great time, but after about 10 minutes the fun stops when they need to recharge.

The only other thing we would point out – you need a lot of space to fly the Fury Jump Jet.  Quadcopters and Drones can turn on a dime and work well in smaller spaces.  The Fury Jump Jet needs some space to make its loops and soar like an eagle!

Overall, if you have kids who love flying toys and transforming toys – the Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet is sure to be a soaring success.

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