Aquon Chair Review, This is One Cool Office Chair…Literally!

Aquon Chair

Ever notice how hot summer days and office chairs just don’t go together very well?  You sit down at your desk to do some work, but really, how are you supposed to get any work done when your sweaty back is sticking to your chair?

After spending some time with the Aquon Chair, we have learned that some office chairs are just cooler than the others…literally!

Please watch our video review of the Aquon Cooling Chair -

If Only Our Video Review Had Touchorama

We know, doing a whole video review about how cool the back of the Aquon Chair gets, when you can’t feel it, is a little strange.  We blame Google.  How have they not invented Touchorama for YouTube yet?  Well, until they do, you will have to take our word for it, the back gets cool.

We do want to be clear, the back is not cold to the touch like a freezer – it is just significantly cooler than room temperature.  Sometimes when sitting in the Aquon, you forget how cool it is until you get up.  It is then that you remember how hot the room is and how much more comfortable it was when you were sitting in the Aquon Chair.

How The Aquon Chair Pulls Off Its Cooling Magic

As we show in the video, the cooling happens by using a sealed water chamber and a fan.  How exactly does that get things cool?  Let’s have Aquon tell us –

“The AQUON is an office chair that actively cools the occupant. Using our patented combination of thermoelectrics and thermosyphon technology the AQUON circulates chilled water through a sealed chamber in the back rest, thus cooling the body at its core. This makes the AQUON chair ideal for workers who do a combination of physical labor and desk work or anyone that desires to be cooler while sitting.”

Yes, You Get A Nice, Ergonomically Designed Chair As Well

It is not all about the cooling with the Aquon.  You also get a nice, ergonomically designed chair, with all the normal adjustments and features.  We also like that the chair is backed by a 2 year warranty, which might be necessary giving the additional technology in this chair.

Do You Need The Aquon Chair?

The Aquon Chair sells for $349 on the Aquon website.  If you work in a warm environment and spend a good amount of time in an office chair, the Aquon is an excellent choice.  It is simple to put together (took us 15 minutes), comfortable, cooler than any other office chair and backed by a 2 year warranty.

If you don’t need a chair that cools your back, then you probably will not want to spend the money on the Aquon.  For me, a cool back is a luxury worth paying for and us Dads need to take our luxury where we can get it!

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