Attack of the Nerf Drones…That Don’t Attack?

Nerf Recon Drone

Regular readers of Dad Does know that we love Drones and we get way too much enjoyment from shooting things with Nerf blasters.  So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard about two new Nerf Drones due out in October 2015.

There is the Nerf Air Defender X Drone and the Nerf Recon Drone HD.

Please watch part 1 of our video preview of the Nerf Drones -

Then watch Part 2, Where We Got To See Prototypes of the Nerf Drones -

Sorry, These Are Not The Attacking Drones You Are Looking For

Nerf Drones that don’t shoot Nerf Darts?  Sadly, it is true.  While these Nerf Drones look like perfectly fine HD Video Drones, we must admit we were disappointed with their decidedly lack of attacking capabilities.  These Nerf Drones are being made by the Sakar company, so they are not coming direct from the Nerf team at Hasbro.

Streaming HD video is cool and they certainly look durable enough, but looks like the dream of a Nerf Drone that fires off rounds of Nerf Darts at unsuspecting siblings and pets, will remain a dream for now.


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