Why Did We Attack The Mighty Mug Go With A Sword?

The Mighty Mug

Review a mug?

That is what we said when the folks at Mighty Mug asked us to review their product.  Come on, we review drones, phones with built-in projectors, RC toys that jump over cats…what in the world could be interesting about a mug?

Then we decided to attack the Mighty Mug Go with a Nerf Mega Blaster and a sword….yeah, then we got what was special about the Mighty Mug.

Please watch our video review of The Mighty Mug, it will all make sense…

The Mighty Mug Simply Does Not Fall Over

Problem – Knock into your mug of coffee and scream in terror as the coffee spills all over your computer.

Solution – Make a mug with smartgrip technology that does not fall over.

As we show in the video, the Mighty Mug has one incredible advantage over other mugs or sports bottles – it simply does not fall over when you bump it…or attack it with Nerf weapons.  What is so cool is that it lifts up as easily as a “regular” mug.  The smartgrip stops it from falling, but it does not make it hard to pickup.

Here are the key features on the Mighty Mug Go -

  • The Mighty Mug Go uses Smartgrip Technology, allowing it to stick to flat surfaces
  • Double walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep beverages Warm for 6 hours and Cold for 12 hours!
  • No spills or stains
  • Car cup holder friendly
  • Ideal for travel and car trips
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 18 oz. capacity

 We Could Keep Writing, But Why?

By now, you get it.  If you love the idea of having a travel mug that does not tip over when you bump it, then the Mighty Mug Go is for you.  Don’t like blue?  Choose from a selection of colors and styles on The Mighty Mug site.

If you happen to like the thought of liquids pouring all over your electronics, then steer clear of the Mighty Mug.  For the rest of us, The Mighty Mug is a great way to bring liquids and electronics next to each other, without all the screaming and swearing.

More Information:

The Mighty Mug Sells for $19.95 – $24.95

Watch our Video Review of the Mighty Mug


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