Happy Father’s Day…Do We Need a More Clever Title?

Father's Day

Father’s Day.  Such an important day that we have decided to turn our sarcasm and snarky settings to zero for the day.

Sure, you can say that Father’s Day is a manufactured day to try to get us to spend more money on endless gadgets…but so what, we’ll take it!

Where is Our Father’s Day Gift Guide?

We had some readers ask us where our Father’s Day Gift Guide was.  We thought about doing another one this year, but two things stopped us.

First, this entire site is basically a Father’s Day Gift Guide.  We do real world reviews of products that Dad might love all year long.  In fact, the only day we take off from reviewing products…Father’s Day.

If you need any ideas for gifts, just check out our YouTube Channel.  Over 600 product review videos and somehow we tricked ovr 36 million people to watch our videos.  Note To Self, secretly hypnotizing our audience to watch all of our videos was a stroke of genius.  P.S. To Note to Self,  telling everyone in our Note To Self, about our top secret hypnosis plan was a stroke of utter stupidity.

The Second Reason…You Already Have What Dad Really Wants

We are not going to lie, we generally like stuff.  We have endless gadgets and toys all over the house and spend most of our time reviewing stuff.  So, we will not be hypocrites now and claim we are non-materialistic and hate capitalism.

The thing is, Dad can probably buy himself the gadgets he really wants.  What can Dad not buy himself on Father’s Day?  A smile from the kids.  A laugh with the family.  A hug…but not a quick one, a real, long and strong hug.

You see, Dad just wants what you already have.  He wants your love, your laughter and your wonderful smile.

Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!


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