Review: AGUA IPX3 Camera Case and Carrier, Bring On The Rain

agua camera case


Things that don’t traditionally go well together – Yankees fans and Red Sox fans, magnets and hard drives and finally DSLR cameras and rain storms.  Not much we can do about the first two, but the folks at Miggo have just introduced the AGUA Camera Carrier on Kickstarter to solve that last pairing.

Here is the problem – sometimes cool, photographic moments happen in the rain.  How are you supposed to capture these fleeting moments if your camera is packed away in a waterproof case?  By the time you get your camera out, the moment is gone.  The AGUA aims to solve this by combining case, carrier and strap into one, quick draw product.

Please watch our video review of the AGUA Camera Carrier and it will make much more sense -

AGUA Gets All The Tiny Details Right

Often when we review a product we have a sense of joy…and then frustration.  The company does a great job in one area, but then they miss in a number of smaller details and it really kills the overall experience.

Luckily, we had the exact opposite experience with the AGUA.  Yes, the main selling point here is a storm proof IPX3 rated camera carrier that allows quick draw of the camera.  However, the attention to all the little details is what makes the AGUA such a great product to use on a regular basis.

A hard nose to protect the lens, a tiny pocket for your lens cap, the ability to snap out the camera in seconds, transform to a camera strap in no time and adjust the straps to any length in seconds.  It is all these details which make the AGUA a joy to use.

Here are the key features of the Agua:

  • Storm-proof quick-draw holster for all day & all weather use.
  • IPX3 rain-proof standard: Protected against spraying water – Water spraying up to 60 degrees from vertical at 10 liters/min at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 min. Fits camera’s body + lens.
  • Eliminates the need for additional camera strap – agua’s dual-use strap carries both bag and camera.
  • Quick-Adjusting detachable padded strap can be attached to the camera (with supplied adapters)
  • Front “Thermo-forming” lens protector. Ultra rigid from outside – soft and padded from inside.
  • Double-layered construction enables protection against water and impacts
  • “Quick-Draw” mode for instant shooting while the camera is secured.
  • “Failsafe” connecting buckles
  • Left and right handed operation

Do Your Christmas Shopping In June

Why wait until December to do your Holiday shopping – if you have a photographer in your life, do it now and save some money.  Here’s the deal – AGUA is currently on Kickstarter (ends on 6/30/15), where it reached its funding goal in less then 4 hours!  If you make a pledge now, you can lock in a lower price on AGUA and receive it when it ships in November – just in time for the holidays.

We are normally VERY skeptical of Kickstarter campaigns, but there are two reasons we feel safe in recommended this one.  First, the folks at Miggo sent us an AGUA Camera Carrier to test and review.  This shows this is not just a concept, it is a very real product.  Second, we have reviewed Miggo products before, and found them to be dependable and trustworthy.

AGUA Will Actually Be Better Than What We Showed In The Video

I do want to point out that the AGUA we reviewed was pre-production and the final version will be even better.  For example, the final version will have fail safe buckles –

AGUA buckle

The blue button on the buckle will make sure you never accidentally unbuckle your camera.  Again, it is this attention to detail that has us so excited about the AGUA.

Your Excuses For Not Snapping a Photo of Big Foot Just Disappeared

I’ve heard them all before.  I would have got a photo of Big Foot but it was raining and my camera was in my backpack.  I left my camera at home the day I had a chance lunch with Big Foot…because the weather was bad.  No more excuses, get yourself an AGUA Camera Carrier and let’s see those Big Foot photos!

Seriously, if you like to travel and take wonderful photos – rain or shine, the AGUA Camera Carrier is the camera accessory you have been waiting for.

More Information:

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