LG G4 Review, The Smartphone That Will Give Your Camera A Run For Its Money


Smartphones are great for grabbing quick photos and videos and obviously lack the weight of a more serious DSLR.  Still, when I need to take high-quality photos I do bring my DSLR along because my phone just lacks the lens and manual controls that my DSLR provides.

After spending the last week with the brand new LG G4 Smartphone, I am finding less and less reason to lug my DSLR along, even when I need high quality photos.  I think I just caught my DSLR trying to push my LG G4 off the desk and I can understand why – DSLRs have many reasons to fear the LG G4.

Please watch our video review of the LG G4 Smartphone -

The LG G4 Is More Like a Camera With a Phone App

As the video shows, the LG G4 is such an impressive camera, you almost forget it is also a phone.  If you love taking photos, you are going to love the LG G4 for these reasons:

  • F/1.8 Lens – Great for Low Light
  • Full Manual Mode For Total Control
  • 16 MP 1/2.6″ Image Sensor Rear Camera
  • 8 MP Front Camera
  • Color Spectrum Sensor
  • Laser Auto Focus
  • Advanced Optical Image Stabilization
  • Beautiful Quad HD 5.5″ Screen
  • Removable 3000mAh Battery
  • MicroSD Card Slot to Expand Memory

Here are a couple of photos we took with the LG G4 –

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Oh Yeah, The Rest of The Phone Is Also Impressive

We clearly love the camera in the G4 but the rest of the phone is also impressive.  Here are some of the key features –

  • Android 5.1 Operating System
  • 5.5″ IPS Quantum Quad HD Display
  • 16MP Rear Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor
  • 3,000 mAh removable battery
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
  • NFC

To read the full specs on the LG G4 please click here.

In the Market for A New Android Phone?  Check Out The LG G4

There is no one right phone for everyone.  The best way to buy a phone is to find a model that provides the features that you are mostly likely to use on a daily basis.  If you are into photography and wish your smartphone behaved more like your DSLR, the LG G4 is an excellent choice.  

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Watch our video review of the LG G4 Smartphone

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