Review: Maker Studio Winches Set by ThinkFun, Engineering Turned Fun

Maker Studio


Sometimes more is less.

Take a construction toy, remove pieces needed to complete any models in the instruction book and boom you have a better toy!

Make sense?  Yeah, we lost ourselves at “Sometimes…”

Here is the deal, the new ThinkFun Maker Studio Winches Set is an awesome building toy that requires kids to find and use recycled material to build cool projects.  The set does NOT come with everything you need to build your models – which is great because it encourages imagination, creativity and thinking outside the box.

Please watch our video review of the Maker Studio Winches Set and it will all make sense…

Make Kids Think And Incredible Things Happen

Kids naturally have incredible imaginations….so why do so many construction sets try to limit their imagination?  Watching your child build with a standard construction set can feel like they just got a job on an assembly line.  They are blindly following the 331 steps in the instructions, putting together a model that someone else dreamed up and was apparently too lazy to build themselves.

The ThinkFun Maker Studio is a TOTALLY different experience.  The kids get some core pieces and general ideas from the instructions, but then they start searching the house for materials to use in their creations.  They imagine, they think, they experiment.  Guess what – they even fail sometimes….which is wonderful!  This is how you learn, by trying, failing and then coming up with a solution.

Give ten kids the Lego Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter and they will all basically build the same thing.  Give ten kids the Maker Studio Winches Set and you will get ten completely different creations.  This thinking outside the box and having to find your own material to engineer creations is what we love about the Maker Studio.

Maker Studio Winches Set

Made By Engineers for Budding Engineers

The Maker Studio is not some toy developed by a committee who was just trying to capitalize on the trend of STEM learning.  ThinkFun tells the story of the two engineers who developed Maker Studio on the Maker Studio site.  Check out this video to learn more about David Yakos and how and why he created Maker Studio –

The idea is very simple – give kids the tools they need to make and create from a young age and incredible things can happen.

Don’t Tell The Kids, But They Are Learning As They Build

Any toy made for kids has to be fun.  As parents we can be all into STEM and eduction, but kids just want to play.  The great thing about the Maker Studio is kids are having fun building and constructing – but they are also learning.

The Engineering Challenge cards are terrific.  They gently push the kids to discover new concepts of math, science and engineering.  You can easily build winches without gears, so some of the challenges encourage kids to use gears and learn more about their advantages.  As we show in the video, the challenges are fun and cute – like saving a stuffed animal who fell into a well.

Maker Studio – Fun, Educational and Priced Right

There are currently three kits in the Maker Studio line – The Winches Building Set, The Gears Building Set and The Propellers Building Set.  Each set is just $19.99.  In truth the sets are just launching pads for your kids to start building and dreaming.  Once they see all the cool things they can build with the Maker Studio parts – watch out – anything in your house is going to become fair game to be included in their latest invention!

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