#iHackedLife And Lived To Talk About It!


I am so old that when I hear someone mention #iHackedLife I immediately picture this –

It's Alive

Turns out there is more to hacking life than creating giant green monsters with an awkward gait.  Lenovo recently challenged us to come up with our best life hacks…little tips and tricks to make life easier or more fun.

Ah, Those Life Hacks…Love Those Types of Hacks

When ever we review a product we always use the criteria that a successful product will make your life easier, better or more fun in some way.  Therefore, the idea of Life Hacks is right up our alley.

A Hack to Save Money On Airfare?  Yep, we were all over that one -

A Hack To Take Your Yoga To New Heights?  Sure, let’s do this thing…

So Many Life Hacks To See And So Little Time

The whole idea of Life Hacks is to save you time, so the idea of wasting a lot of time reading my rambling on about Life Hacks seems counterproductive.  Let’s just jump into some other places to find great Life Hacks…

The Lenovo #iHackedLife Blog

A nice growing list of Life Hacks – everything from Walking Nachos to Setting Crayons On Fire.  Tons of cool hacks – not all techie.

Have your own Life Hack?  Share it on social media with the #iHackedLife hashtag and it may be featured on the Lenovo Blog and shown at Lenovo Tech World.

Pinterest Board – The Best Life Hacks On The Internet

Really, with a title like that, do we need to say any more?  Life Hacks on Pinterest – ’nuff said.

Life Hacker

I believe it would break the Internet if we did a post about Life Hacks and did not mention the Life Hacker site.  LifeHacker is the Grand Daddy of all life hack sites.  Check it out, but be warned, hours will fly by as you read endless cool hacks.

Go Out And Hack Your Own Life

Get inspiration from all the Life Hacks above and then go out and create your own hacks.  It really does feel great when you hack together a 25 cent solution that works better than a $25 product.


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