Review: Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller, Change Your World View

Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller Review


Back in the day we used to target the bird demographic.  Seemed like a wide open niche, go after all those birds that love to read blogs…hmm, strange that never took off (could not resist).

After paying an army of consultants to do extensive testing we discovered that most of our readers are ground bound humans.  Sure, on special occasions we go in planes or on mountain tops, but most of our time is spent seeing the world at 4- 7 feet above ground level.

The Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller aims to change how we view the world.  No, it will not fly you up into the sky, but it does the next best thing, gives you an eye in the sky….a beautiful, rock stable, HD 1080p, eye in the sky no less.

You Don’t Talk About the Bebop Drone, You Show It!

The Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontroller is definitely something you need to see to understand.  We have reviewed plenty of toy drones and quadcopters that shoot video, but the Bebop Drone just takes things to a whole other level.

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The Bebop Drone, Tons of Features, Yet Simple to Fly

As the video shows, the Bebop Drone and Skycontroller is chuck full of features but still easy to use.  There are endless ways to customize and expand your flying experience, but if you want to keep things simple, just press “take off” and you are good to go.

Here are some of our favorite features:

Bebop Drone:

  • 14 Megapixel Camera with 180 degree vision
  • Full 1080P HD Video
  • Stunning Stability
  • 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Live Stream to Tablet or SmartPhone
  • GPS Enabled
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • Quad Core GPU
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer

SkyController Adds This:

  • 1.4 Mile Range
  • Add FPV Glasses
  • Works With or Without Tablet
  • Real Pilot Experience with Sticks
  • GPS Return Home Feature
  • Works With Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets
  • Open Source Android Device

Welcome to The World Above You

We could go on and on about the features and technology of the Bebop Drone and Skycontroller, however, that would be missing the point.  The Bebop Drone actually changes the way you look at the world.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true.

We had no idea you could see a mountain range from our backyard…because you can’t see it from ground level.  Get up to about 100 feet and suddenly we have a beautiful view of a mountain range.  There is a whole world around your home, office, school and park that you are missing when you look around at 4-7 feet above ground level.   When you have a Bebop Drone you find yourself reexamining your world and discovering new things.

Lose Wi-Fi, But Don’t Lose Your Bebop Drone

We have all been on the computer and lost Wi-Fi mysteriously for a few moments.  It is annoying, but not that big a deal.  On the other hand, when you have your Bebop Drone flying over 1 mile away from you and it loses the Wi-Fi connection to the Skycontroller, panic can set in as you imagine your Bebop flying off into the sunset.

Don’t Panic, Parrot has you covered!  As long as the Bebop has a GPS lock when you take off (shown by the Green GPS and Skycontroller icon), if the Bebop loses Wi-Fi connection for more than 30 seconds, it will return to home.  In our testing we did not lose the Wi-Fi connection, but it is great to know that if you do your Bebop returns to its starting location…not off into the sunset.

The Bebop Drone and Skycontroller, Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

You could just buy the Parrot Bebop Drone and control it with your tablet or smartphone.  It is a decent experience and you do get the incredibly stable HD footage.  However, if you really want the complete experience, you want to go with the Bebop Drone and Skycontroller.

The Skycontroller extends your range from 900 feet to over 1.2 miles!  The extra range is great, but we found the precise control by having sticks to pilot the drone and a lever to rotate the camera really took things to the next level.  Throw in the fact that you could add FPV glasses to the Skycontroller and you really have an incredible experience.

If you are looking for a way to change your view of the world, the Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller is a great way to go!

More Information:

Visit Parrot to Learn More About the Bebop Drone With Skycontroller

The Parrot Bebop Drone With Skycontroller Sells for $899 at Amazon.

The Bebop Drone By Itself is About $499

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