The Top 5 Gadgets From CES That Promise to Decrease The Chaos in a Parent’s Life

Dad Does at CES

Dad Does at CES

Parents live wonderful, busy, crazy, hectic lives.  In fact, I am so busy that I really shouldn’t be writing this article.   I guess my son will not get that match lit for at least another 15 minutes, so I have a little time to share some gadgets we found at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  As we discussed in our What Parents Want From Electronics article, parents need gadgets that can make their life easier and less stressful, so we present the…

Top 5 Gadgets That Can Make Moms and Dads Life Less Hectic

1. Bringrr


Running a family involves the same level of communication and planning as most military campaigns.  Take out the ability of  a Dad or Mom to communicate and be prepared for a call from social services when no one remembers to pick up little Bobby from after school.

Bringrr is a great little product that helps prevent the horror of leaving your cell phone at home when you go out.  Bringrr is a cell phone charger that plugs into the power adapter slot in your car.  The first time you use it, you sync it with your phone via bluetooth (only works with phones that have bluetooth).

Now, let’s say you run out of the house and jump in the car to do 12 errands in about 5 minutes.  In your hast you leave your cell phone in the house.  You start the car and the Bringrr adapter in your car automatically tries to communication with your phone via bluetooth.  Horror of horrors your phone is not in the car so the Bringrr calls a SWAT team who smashes through a window into your house and grabs your phone for you.  Okay, that SWAT team thing is not true…yet.  The Bringrr does flash red and sounds an alarm so you know to go back in and grab your phone.

Red Light on Bringrr

If the Bringrr Lights Up Red - Your Phone Is Not In The Car!

It may not be the sexiest gadget in the world, but it can be a lifesaver for busy and stressed parents.

Sells for about $35 – More Information at

UPDATE – We Have Done A Full Product Review on Bringrr – Read It Here!

2. Be A HeadCase iPhone Bottle and Can Opener Case

Be a HeadCase iphone Bottle and Can Opener case

As we just discussed with the Bringrr, Moms and Dads have their phones with them at all times.  Since you carry your phone everywhere, why not give it a case that doubles as a bottle and can opener?  Yes, the Be A HeadCase iPhone Case has a bottle and can opener built right into it.

Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener iPhone Case

But wait, don’t order yet!  There is also an app that goes with the case – every time you open a bottle the app can play a song that you choose and/or display a picture.  In addition, the app keeps count of all the bottles you have opened.

This is clearly not a gadget filled with the latest cutting edge technology, but who cares?  Does this scenario sound familiar to any Moms and Dads… you are on vacation with the kids and you finally get them to bed.  You and your spouse at last get to break out a nice cool micro brew and relax.  You then spend the next hour trying to take the bottle caps off your beer with your keys because you realize the room does not have a bottle opener!  Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener turns your phone into a late night sanity saver for stressed parents.

Sells for about $25 – More Information at

UPDATE – We Have Now Done a Full Product Review of the Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener, Click Here

3. Eye-Fi Connect X2


As every Mom and Dad will tell you, they happen to have the cutest kids in the world.  In order to prove this fact, we all take tons of pictures of our kids with our digital cameras.  Unfortunately,  for many parents the pictures just stay stuck in the camera, trapped on memory cards.  Somehow, gremlins tend to get involved when we try to plug our memory cards into our computer and download the photos or we simply don’t have the 10 minutes it takes to upload the photos.

Eye-Fi’s Connect X2 memory cards look to make the process of transferring photos to your computer, phone or photo sharing sites as simple as breathing.  You use a Eye-Fi memory card in your camera and it wirelessly transmits your photos back to your computer whenever you come in range of your computer.  In addition, a new Eye-Fi App was introduced at CES which will allow you to transmit your photos directly to your phone.

If the Eye-Fi really makes it easy for parents to share photos, be prepared for Facebook to turn into LookHowCuteMyKidsAreBook.

Price varies based on card size.  More Information –

4. Neer

Neer App

Neer is a new location based app for iPhone 4 and Android with an interesting twist – it is made for automatically sharing location information with a small group of people.   Neer is a little confusing to understand, so let’s look at an example of how parents would use it…

When I am at work I click a button on the Neer app and label that location work.  I do the same thing when I go to the kid’s school, supermarket and home.  The labeling of locations is a one time deal, once I label a location, Neer uses the GPS in my phone to know whenever I hit that location again.

I can then setup rules with my wife’s phone (which would also have Neer installed).   For example, I could have it send a notification to my wife automatically if I don’t get to the kid’s school at 2:45pm.   Or, I could have it notify my wife when I reach the supermarket, so if she needs anything she can tell me when I am at the store (best chance of me remembering it).

The key to Neer is that it is automatic, private and only shares what you want to be shared.  For example, if you don’t want any notification sent between 9am and 2pm you can do that.   We have not had a chance to test the Neer app at this time, so we can’t speak to how well it works in the real world.  In theory, it could reduce stress and mix ups in the family by making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Neer is currently a free app, so if you and your spouse have iPhone 4’s or Android phones, you can give it a try.  More information –

5. The emWave2 by HeartMath


We may have saved the best for last.  The emWave2 claims, “Just Minutes A Day Gets You – Less Stress, More Energy and Increased Mental Clarity“.  If this does not get Moms and Dad excited, you may have slipped into a comma.

The emWave2 is a hand held device that measures stress levels and provides feedback on the unit itself and on a computer.  The immediate feedback on the unit allows you to know if you are breathing properly and entering a relaxed state.  The idea is that by practicing some stress reducing exercises for a few minutes a day, you can actually train your body to handle stress better and increase your energy.

The emWave2 can also be used by children, so the whole family can mellow out for a few minutes a day and have a more stress free and energy filled life!   All sound to good to be true?  Maybe it is.  We have not had a chance to review the unit yet, but will try to do a full review as soon as possible.  In the meantime, just the thought of being less stressed and filled with energy has me dreaming of the new, new me for 2011.

Price About $200.  More Information –

These Are Not Reviews, Repeat These Are Not Reviews

As regular readers to Dad Does know – we hate reviews that are based on a press release or a quick demo at a trade show.  If you want to read more on our philosophy on product reviews, take a look at our Real, Relevant and Riveting Product Review Pledge and How Dad Does Reviews are Different.

For now, we are reporting on cool gadgets we saw at CES, but how they work in the real world still needs to be tested.  We hope to do full reviews of the units mentioned above in the coming weeks.

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