Toy Fair 2015 In Full Living Color Video, Part 2

Video Reviews from Toy Fair - Part 2

Video Reviews from Toy Fair - Part 2

Toy Fair 2015, which took place in February 2015, was filled with thousands of new toys coming out in 2015.  Some were awesome, some were terrible and many were, well, just ordinary.

In Part 1 of our Toy Fair 2015 in Full Living Color Video we gave a taste of some of the toys we saw on display.  Now we are doing something truly revolutionary.  This is unprecedented and if Hollywood gets a hold of this idea, watch out!  We are making a sequel!

Toy Videos…Lots and Lots of Toy Videos

Wow, how lucky were we to have called the first Toy Fair Video Post “Part 1″?  That sure worked out well, because now we have a Part 2.  Would have been awkward if the first post was called Part 2…

Anyway, pop the popcorn, fill the 64 ounce soda you got because it only cost 25 cents more than the medium…it’s Toy Fair Video time…

Still can’t get enough?  You can check out our Toy Fair 2015 Video Playlist and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned, many more videos to come (you might want to buy more popcorn)…

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