ECBC Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack Review, Take The Torture Out of Travel


Pegasus Bag


Travel is great.  Going to distant lands, exploring cultures, visiting family and friends – all very positive.  The problem is, the act of traveling sucks.  Cramming everything you need into your carry-on because who knows if your checked baggage will even make it- not exactly enjoyable.  Then unpacking your laptop and electronics from said carry-on, to make the TSA happy- that is stressful.  Did you remember to put all your electronics back in?  Maybe the wheeled suite case was a mistake and you should have just gone with a backpack??? You start stressing out and wondering why you ever agreed to go on this trip.

Can The ECBC Pegasus Convertible Backpack Ease Your Travel Stress?

We normally do not get excited over luggage, but the ECBC Pegasus Convertible is no normal piece of luggage.  Here are the highlights…

  • ECBC TSA-friendly FastPass® System
  • ECBC Portable Power Pack Included
  • Quick Charge Pocket, Charge Devices In The Bag
  • Easily Covert From Wheeled Bag to Backpack
  • Self Repairing YKK Zippers
  • Holds Up to a 15” Laptop
  • High Density Protective Foam in Laptop Pocket
  • Snapback ID Tag
  • Phone Pocket
  • Zippered Water Bottle Holder
  • Multiple Organizational Compartments
  • Water Resistant
  • Constructed with Nearly Indestructible Outdoor Tested Kodra Nylon
  • 22” x 14” x 10” and 9 lbs

Finally, a suite case designed for families with lots of gadgets!

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No, I Will Not Be Removing My Laptop From The Bag Mr TSA Agent

By far our favorite feature of the Pegasus is the TSA Approved FastPass System.  Simply unzip the compartment of your bag with your laptop and lay it flat on the conveyor belt at the TSA screening.

Pegasus Bag

No need to remove your electronics which means there is a 0% chance you will leave your laptop behind in a bucket as you race to make your flight.

Let Your Gadgets Recharge As You Travel

No matter how much you charge up your gadgets before you go, it seems like something is always running on 2% when you travel.  The Pegasus comes with an external battery pack – simply plug in your phone, tablet or other gadget and it will get recharged while resting comfortably in the bag.

Wheeled Bag or Backpack?  Both!

We love the convertible nature of the Pegasus. Sometimes it is easier to wheel a bag around.  Other times, you need your hands free and a backpack works better.  The Pegasus easily converts from wheeled bag to backpack, so you never need to choose which one to bring.

We do have to say it is a pretty heavy backpack (9 lbs empty) – so if you wear it for long periods of time, you will feel it.  If all you need for a trip is a light backpack, you probably want to go with a dedicated backpack.  On the other hand, if you want the convenience of having wheels for when your backpack gets too heavy, the Pegasus is great.

Overall, The Pegasus is The Perfect Bag For Gadget Loving Families

There is a lot to love about the Pegasus bag from ECBC.  TSA Friendly Fast Pass, external battery pack, convertible, water resistant, strong and endless compartments for easy storage.  The only negative with the bag is that it is not cheap.  At a $399 retail, you are paying a premium for all the great features.

Still, if you travel often and have lots of gadgets, you will love the features and design of the Pegasus Wheeled Backpack.

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