Sengled Pulse Review, It’s A Dimmable Light, It’s A Wireless Speaker…It’s Both!

Sengled Pulse Review

Sengled Pulse Review

Every once in a while we review a gadget and say “Man, how come we didn’t think of that!”  This is exactly the reaction we had with the Sengled Pulse.  The Sengled Pulse Starter Kit is a set of two light bulbs that fit in a standard light socket.  Not impressed yet?  What if I told you you could dim the lights by using an app on your phone?  Still not that impressed.  Well, you will be blown away…literally..once music starts blasting out the JBL speakers inside the light bulbs!

That’s right the Sengled Pulse is a dimmable light and bluetooth wireless speaker, all controlled from your phone or tablet.  Simply screw the two Sengled Pulse bulbs into any standard light socket, pair with Bluetooth  and you are ready to go!

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The Sengled Pulse Packs A Ton of Tech Into a Light Bulb

A quick glance at the Sengled Pulse and you could mistake it for a standard spotlight bulb.  Look a little closer and you see it is slightly longer and has a grill on the front (to let the tunes fly).  However, the most impressive technology is hidden inside the bulb – where it should be!  No buttons to press, no wires, no switches – a standard looking bulb with a hidden batch of features…

  • Dimmable integrated BR30 down light LED speaker bulbs
  • No speaker wires, no remote control, no power cords, no installation hassle
  • Enjoy light and sound in a whole new way
  • LED Light Bulb makes fantastic energy savings and delivers high-quality audio from JBL® stereo audio system
  • 1.75″ Full-Range High-Fidelity JBL® Loudspeakers with surround sound effect
  • Perform as Left-Right Stereo pair (13 Watts (Max.) @ 8ohms / bulb; 100Hz-20kHz frequency response)
  • Connect up to 8 wireless speaker bulbs (1 Master supports up to 7 Satellite Bulbs)
  • App offers seamless control of both light and sound while listening to your favorite streamed music or media!
  • Play media from any app on your device (iOS or Android)
  • App allows you to select each bulb’s stereo channel (left, right, or both) and individually control each bulb’s brightness
  • High-quality JBL speaker components integrated with a 25,000 hour LED bulb
  • Power Supply: 100~120V or 220~240V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 15W (Light and Audio), Peak 30W.
  • Brightness: 600 lumens, Color Temperature: 2700K, Ra: 80, Light beam angle: 105°.
  • Available in three standard light sockets, E26, E27 and B22. Also come with three colors, Pewter, Candy Apple, and Pearl White.

Easy Setup, Simple Usage

Gadgets should make your life easier or more fun in some way.  A gadget that requires a complicated setup and a degree in computer science to operate it…well, that is a gadget that quickly becomes a dust collector.  Thankfully, the Sengled Pulse is NOT this type of gadget.  If you can screw a light bulb in, you can install this gadget.

In terms of using the Sengled Pulse, it is as simple as calling up the app and selecting your music.  If you want to get fancy you can get into playing with the sound modes and balancing sounds – but for the most part, you just hit play and music comes out of your lights.

The only real negatives we found with the Sengled Pulse was that the light was not super bright and it is a bit pricey.  The starter kit, which comes with 2 bulbs retails for $169.  Additional Satellite Bulbs are $79.  Clearly the bulbs are more expensive than some of the Bluetooth speakers on the market, but we are willing to pay a small premium to have one less device we need to remember to plug-in and recharge!

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