Review: LightUp Edison Kit, Electronics Kit Meets Augmented Reality

LightUp Edison Kit Review

LightUp Edison Kit Review

I ask you, is there anything that magnets don’t make better?  Our love of magnets is well documented, but that love just grew stronger with the LightUp Edison Kit.

We first saw the LightUp electronics and circuit building kits at Toy Fair 2015, but now we have had a chance to play and learn with the LightUp Edison Kit and we are impressed!

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An App That Actually Makes a Toy Better?

I think some memo went out to the CEO of every toy company – “add an app to any toy we sell”.  We have seen so many toys that have an app…which really adds no value to the toy.  This is why it is so refreshing to see the LightUp app.

As we show in the video, the LightUp app serves a very real purpose – to allow kids to trouble shoot their circuit.  The augmented reality is not just a gimmick, it is actually a very helpful feature of this circuit kit.  In addition, the projects in the app provide a great way for kids to get started in electronics and learn the basics of building a circuit.

Parents Love STEM, Kids Love Fun

While STEM is all the rage with parents and educators, kids just want to have fun.  If having fun also includes learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – so be it, but it still has to be fun. Tarun Pondicherry, one of the Stanford co-founders of LightUp said…

“Building off the STEM trend at last year’s Toy Fair, we’ve built LightUp to use the latest technologies to enable anyone to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. What’s truly amazing about LightUp is its ability to teach kids how to control their own world with circuits and code, through trial and error. Our interactive LightUp Learning app follows you, teaching step by step how to build a circuit and simultaneously reviewing your progress and instructing you how to complete the project based on how you put together each component. Think of it as a book that follows you.”

The ability to just snap circuits together, 10 seconds after opening the box, keeps things fun.  Of course kids love using a tablet, so the ability to X-ray your circuit and see where there might be a problem…more fun for the kids!  Let’s not tell them how much they are learning about science and electricity.

When You Need More Than Edison, Go With Tesla

The Edison Kit that we reviewed is a great introduction into circuits and electricity.  At a $49 retail price, the Edison Kit is the perfect way to introduce kids to the wonderful world of electronics!

If your kids are ready to take things to the next level, you can move up to the Tesla Kit.  The Tesla Kit has a $99 retail and allows kids to dream up hundreds of projects.  You get additional parts in the kit and most importantly, you can start coding with the Tesla Kit.  Don’t let any of that scare you away, the fun element is still front and center in the Tesla kit.

For iOS and Sort of For Android

The only negative we really had with the LightUP circuit kit was lack of full support for Android.  The Android version of the app is in Beta (as of 3/17/15) and does not have all the features the iOS version has.  In addition, the iOS version could be a little laggy at times.  These are really minor issues and things that may well be corrected by an app update by the time you read this.

Conclusion: LightUp Edison Kit Finally Provides Screen Time Parents Will Love

My normal reaction when I see my son staring into his tablet is that I have failed him as a father.  His brain must be turning to mush as his screen time increases.  Thankfully, the LightUp Edison Kit changes all this! Now when your kids are looking at the tablet, they are learning about the flow of electricity and why a positive needs to connect to another positive.

Moms and Dads, you will love what the LightUp Edison Kit is teaching your kids.  Kids, you will love that you can play with LEDs, buzzers, resistors and a tablet…without your parents bugging you to get off your electronics.

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